Manhattan’s ISIS Truck Attacker Has SICK Request for Hospital Staff

New York City was once again the target of radical Islamic terrorists and their despicable jihad this week in an attack eerily reminiscent of European massacres.

The man behind the attack, an ISIS loyalist by the name of Sayfullo Saipov, plowed a rented Home Depot heavy duty pickup into a bike line in Manhattan before exiting the vehicle and opening fire.  Saipov killed 8 and injured nearly a dozen more before being incapacitated and captured by local police.

The story of Saipov is a frightening one, with more information becoming available seemingly by the moment.

Yesterday, we learned that Saipov had passed the background check for rideshare giant Uber, and had worked for the company for some time.  The soon-to-be terrorist had even performed upward of 1,400 rides for the company before taking up a different driving career path.

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Now, as Saipov recovers from gunshot wounds sustained in his capture, he has made shocking statements from his hospital room, and an even more unfathomable request.

“Saipov was interviewed by law enforcement officials while recovering from the gunshot wound in the hospital, where he asked to display the Isis flag in his room and told officials ‘he felt good about what he had done’, prosecutors said in the complaint.

“John Miller, deputy New York police commissioner for intelligence, said at an earlier press conference that Saipov ‘appears to have followed, almost exactly to a T, the instructions that Isis has put out’.

“In the past few years, the Islamic State has exhorted followers online to use vehicles, knives or other close-at-hand means of killing people in their home countries. England, France and Germany have all seen deadly vehicle attacks since mid-2016.”

Saipov’s sociopathic pride in his crime, while vile and reprehensible in its own right, can’t even compare to the unbelievable request to hang an ISIS flag in his American hospital room.

At this point, the hospital and law enforcement staff who were present when that request was made must be commended for their restraint.  Few red-blooded Americans would likely be able to contain themselves after a murderous terrorist just asked about flying his gang colors in the same space where doctors are, bound by oath, keeping him alive.

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