Las Vegas

Mandalay Bay Facing Massive Lawsuits Over Shooting’s “Red Flags”

We are nearly two months removed from the horrific Las Vegas concert shooting, and we don’t seem to have any better an idea of Stephen Paddock’s motives than we did the night of.

Back on October 1st, Paddock, a retired multimillionaire gambler and real estate investor, opened fire on the Route 91 country music festival from his 32nd floor room at the Mandalay Bay hotel and casino.  Paddock has transformed his room into a bonafide sniper’s nest, complete with well over a dozen high powered rifles, thousands of rounds of ammunition, and two well placed vantage points from which to rain hell down on the crowd.

In the aftermath, local and federal authorities have been less than forthcoming with information regarding the incident, stating that Paddock’s motives are still completely unknown, and refusing to address many of the public inquiries into the mysterious timeline of the event.

Now, Mandalay Bay is facing legal action based on their inability to perceive possible “red flags” as it pertained to Paddock and his ability to fill his hotel room with these firearms and munitions without raising an eyebrow.

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“Hundreds of victims of the Las Vegas shooting have filed lawsuits against the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino and its parent company MGM Resorts International.

“Several lawsuits — the largest of which was filed on behalf of 450 people — attempt to hold MGM legally liable for the shooting, which killed 58 people and injured hundreds more. Victims are additionally suing the shooter Stephen Paddock’s estate and the concert organizer Live Nation Entertainment Inc. as well as, in some cases, the manufacturer of the bump stocks that allowed Paddock to fire as if he were using automatic weapons.

“The crux of the lawsuits’ arguments is that MGM and the Mandalay Bay failed to take preventive measures that might have foiled the attack. Plaintiffs argue that staff members should have been better trained to spot red flags with Paddock.

“Over the three days between when Paddock checked in to the hotel and fired from his window at a concert across the street, Paddock took at least 10 suitcases filled with firearms into his room. Police officials said Paddock also constructed an elaborate surveillance system in the hotel, placing two cameras in the hallway outside his suite — one on a service cart — as well as a camera in his door’s peephole.”

Paddock’s preparations were bizarre, even by Las Vegas standards.

Not only have these “red flags” instigated a number of inquisitive victims on the path to litigation, but they have also spurred a multitude of conspiracy theories surrounding the tragedy.  With authorities unwilling  or unable to provide any further information on their investigation, the public may be left to speculate forever on the case, unless these legal probes somehow reveal the true nature of what occurred on that horrific night.

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