Manchester Attacker Previously Known to Authorities, Says Report

As the world continues to put together the pieces of the heinous terror attack in Manchester, England that yesterday, a disturbing new fact has emerged.

The attacker, who has finally been identified as Salman Abedi, has been claimed by international radical Islamic terror group ISIS as one of their own.  Abedi was the son of Libyan refugees who fled to England, yet another example of worrisome border control policies in Europe.

The fact that Abedi was likely a radical Islamic jihadist is not a surprise, given the nature of the attack.  A suicide bombing at a highly-attended event in Europe is rarely caused by any other combination.  The unfortunate surprise at the end of this story, however, is that Abedi was already known to authorities as someone of interest in connection with possible terror plots.

“Salman Abedi, the suicide bomber behind the deadly Manchester Arena bombing Monday night, was reportedly already known to security services but was not judged to be a threat – making Manchester the latest European city to be hit by a terror attack committed by someone known to authorities.

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“Authorities revealed the identity of the suspected suicide bomber Tuesday afternoon, hours after the Libyan origin British citizen was named by CBS News.

“The terrorist detonated a nail bomb at an exit to the arena as people left an Ariana Grande pop concert that had just finished. Twenty-two people were killed and dozens injured, many of whom are believed to be teenage girls and children.

“’This was among the worst terrorist incidents we have ever experienced in the United Kingdom,’ Prime Minister Theresa May said in a statement outside 10 Downing Street Tuesday morning.

“The prime minister said police and security teams were working ‘at speed’ to get the full picture of what happened, and to establish if Abedi was working by himself or as part of a wider group. Mrs. May had earlier said they believed they knew the identity of the perpetrator, but would not confirm his name.”

It has become far too frequent an occurrence that these radical, religiously-charged terror attacks are being perpetrated by militants that have previously been identified by authorities as persons of interest.

The reason why Abedi was able to carry out his attack in the face of enhanced scrutiny could very well be linked to the rampant political correctness of the world at large.  With radical Muslims encouraging leftists and globalists to admonish security forces for “profiling”, due to the possibility that someone might be offended, is a practice that must be ended.  Hurt feelings be damned; if Abedi had been thoroughly and rightfully investigated as a person of interest, there is a fantastic chance that the outcome of that investigation may have altered his ability or willingness to carry out such an attack.

The scourge of political correctness is absolutely and unequivocally causing danger to swell around the globe.  Human beings are born with intuition and the innate ability to read intent in others.  By eschewing that God-given skill in order to spare someone’s feelings from being hurt has now caused innumerable deaths the world over.

Sorry liberals; profiling works.

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