Man Pretending to Be Woman Barred from Women’s Sport, Admits He Has ‘Advantage’ Over Real Women

A transgender athlete in Australia was recently barred from competing as a woman but even he had to admit that being born a man means he has a major advantage over those natural born women against whom he would have been competing.

According to Australia’s, The Australian Football League (AFL) ruled that transgender athlete Hannah Mouncey would not be allowed to compete along with biological women on the league’s female team.

This decision was a surprise to Mouncey because he thought he was going to be able to compete as a woman.

Despite his purported shock, Mouncey had to admit to just exactly why so many people are against men posing as women competing with naturally born women. It just isn’t fair, and Mouncey essentially seemed to recognize it.

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“Of course I’m going to have a size advantage over some of the girls,” Mouncey told Australia Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes in a new interview.

Still, Mouncey went on to insist it wasn’t fair that he was banned from the games.

Mouncey also admitted that many fear that with more training and exercise, he’ll get even bigger and stronger than his already outclassed opponents.

“It’s more, ‘OK, you’re already big, you’re already strong, whatever. But what if you were to get into that elite training environment and they were to build you up, put on an extra 15 kilos and you just push everyone aside.’

“But I feel the game prides itself on being able to be played by anyone — whether it be little rovers, or your ruckman, or your full forward and forward pocket … I obviously don’t agree with what the AFL has done. There’s a dozen girls of my height. I was the tallest within a couple of centimeters,” he insisted in the interview.

Mouncey went on to describe his status as a woman.

“I take four pills a day,” she said. “Oestrogen and an anti-androgen. That’s pretty much it.”

“I am transitioned. Some people will get cosmetic surgery, you know, hundreds of thousands of dollars reshape their jaw or their voice box and have surgery and all sorts of stuff. I’m definitely not going down that path.”

More annoying for Mouncey, the AFL made its ruling along the nation’s legal lines.

“The AFL based its decision on the Victorian Equal Opportunity Act,” The Age reported, “which states that athletes can be discriminated against based on their sex or gender ‘if strength, stamina or physique is relevant.'”

So, it appears that even in the liberal Land Down Under everything is on the up-and-up and no “illegal” discrimination occurred.

The fear that it is unfair to allow men who imagine themselves to be women to compete against weaker opponents who are not born with the stronger, faster, more muscular attributes men are born with, is one many American athletes have already been forced to deal with.

That fear has already become tangible in several cases in U.S. high schools where biological teenage boys claiming to be “transitioning” to girls have been pitted against actual, biological girls. The results of those encounters were predictable with the biological girls consistently losing to the boys pretending to be “transgender” girls.

In one case in Alaska, a teenage boy pretending to be a transgender girl joined the girls track team and was suddenly found beating every girl in the entire school district. Imagine that.

In second, similar case, a school in Connecticut was stuck dealing with a teenage boy — who sported a mustache and barely even hid that he was a muscular, full-fledged male — began competing on the girls track team with the same result as that in Alaska. The boy began demolishing every natural-born female opponent he came up against.

Unless the world of sports comes to its senses, this sort of unfair stuff will continue to happen.

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