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Man-Made Climate Change is Political Science Spin, Not Actual Science

The premise that CO2 emissions created by man’s use of Fossil Fuels is significantly driving, or even affecting, the Earth’s ever-changing climate is ‘Falsified by accurate scientific empirical observations,’ proving that it is only supported by political spin, propaganda and abusive political correctness.   The premise that increased atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2) (Man-Made or Natural) is the cause of temperature increases is shown to be false by accurate Ice Core Analysis, Satellite and Weather Balloon data from the real-world – today and in the past.


The established and verified physical scientific facts:

  • Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) represent only about 1% of the Earth’s Atmosphere (i.e., 10,000 ppm) with the remainder primarily composed of Oxygen (21%) and Nitrogen (78%).
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is currently at 400 parts-per-million (ppm) as a gas in Trace Concentrations (i.e., 0.040%) in the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Most of the CO2 in the atmosphere (i.e., 0.038%) is caused Naturally by evaporation from the seas along with Water Vapor (H2O) due to warming by the cyclic-variable energy produced by our Sun.
  • Extremely Trace amounts of Man-Made CO2 emissions contribute only 0.002% to the current concentration of Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere – Two (2) One-Thousandths of a percent is clearly a scientifically insignificant concentration for any aspect of global climate change.
  • Analysis of Ice Core Samples prove that Al Gore, the Global Warming Alarmists (GWA) and the Man-Made Hypothesis have interpreted the relation between Temperature and atmospheric CO2 backwards:
  • climate change 2Atmospheric CO2 Does NOT cause significant atmospheric warming – It only contributes minimally to the essential ‘Greenhouse Effect’ that simply keeps the Earth habitable provided mainly by the most important GHG: Water Vapor (H2O) which constitutes 95% of all GHGs (i.e., 9,500 ppm) and Water Vapor (H2O) makes a much higher contribution to the desirable and necessary Greenhouse Effect than Carbon Dioxide (CO2).
  • The Sun provides the Temperature increases producing natural atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Water Vapor (H2O); Gradually these GHGs return to the seas where they originated due to Sun-induced temperatures decreases.
  • Careful Scientific Analysis, unlike the careless conclusions by Al Gore, etc., have proven the following:
  • Russian Ice Core Samples covering the last 800,000 years correlated with reconstructed temperatures and time periods show CO2 levels were high (i.e., over 4000 ppm during the Ice Age – 10x our current 400 ppm levels today) as well as low during very warm periods – Indicating that atmospheric CO2 is a non-issue regarding long-term climate change.
  • The rise in CO2 levels due to temperature increases by the Sun and the return of CO2 to the seas is very gradual over hundreds of years and resistant to change due to the vast size and depth of the Earth’s oceans – A very weak correlation which Al Gore and his team got backwards as the GWA Premise.
  • The Earth’s Temperature changes which have been reconstructed over several thousand years correlate extremely closely with Sunspot Counts – Higher counts imply global warming and more solar energy transfer, and lower-counts imply global cooling due to lower solar energy output as well as increased activity on Earth in tectonic plate movement & volcanic activity (above and below the seas).
  • Climate Change on Earth has always occurred in its 4.5+ Billion Years of existence long before and will continue long after Man’s presence on Earth – Driven primarily by our Sun – Always as a result of repeated Solar Cycles that vary from Solar Maximum to Minimums.
  • climate change 3The current Modern Solar Maximum (1850 AD to the Present) peaked in 1998 and it has since exhibited a flat temperature trend with markedly cooler winters breaking 100-year records in the Northern Hemisphere with a large number of scientists predicting the breaking of 200-year and possibly 400-year records for cold and snow as the current Solar Cycle 24 transitions our climate toward the next Solar Minimum.
  • Actual Scientific measurements: Show only natural variability in our climate which is quite moderate from a historical perspective. It is normal for some areas to have periodic droughts, fires, flooding and dramatic weather events – Our modern communications instantly make us more aware of what is happening in near realtime which create the illusion of adverse climate changes.
  • Net-Net: There is no Global Warming Crisis ahead, since the Fundamental Principle of the Man-Made Climate Change hypothesis is invalid (i.e., Al Gore Got it Backwards and Wrong) – Carbon Dioxide levels do not cause temperature rise. Temperature rise does gradually cause CO2-levels to rise, but atmospheric CO2 does not create any significant temperature rise, especially in the upper Troposphere where our globally accurate Satellite Measurements show only normal and relatively flat observations which are all within expected natural variability.
  • Today, the Media, Al Gore and other Politicians with their own agenda, will take almost any negative event (Beheadings by ISIS, as claimed by Bernie Sanders; Increased Shark Attacks, an extremely hot day in Wichita Falls, TX; etc.) and assert it is due to Global Warming and Fossil Fuel Emissions – Don’t Believe It, they are all Logical Fallacies that have no basis in science to draw that conclusion!
  • Politics and Political Correctness have invaded a once-honorable field of Climate Science now extremely biased and wrongly influenced by left-wing / progressive Political ScienceNot actual Physical Science.
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In conclusion, the allegiance to the politically-inspired ‘Man-Made Climate Change’ myth is preventing a massive improvement in our Economy by unnecessary constraints placed on our vast energy resources. We are now being urged to further waste huge amounts of taxpayer money on a “Fool’s Errand” to stop the Man-Made Climate Change, a non-existent threat and impractical task, since we cannot control the Sun’s Energy, the Earth’s Tilt and Orbit which are the actual drivers of Natural Climate Change. We and the rest of the World will need the economic boost and efficient energy from fossil fuels to deal with a coming colder and a more difficult world.

Byron Claghorn

Byron Claghorn is an experienced Business Analyst, Project Manager and Technical Writer. With a keen interest in science, the Global Warming and Man-Made Climate Change claims did not ‘Ring True’, so he has focused much time and effort in its research and reporting in this series of articles: “Man-Made Climate Change? – The Science on the Other Side of the Coin”. As a result of trying to ‘Connect the Dots’ in this highly politicized subject of “Climate Change”, this series will both inform as well as provide an example of how you can verify these facts, plus empower you to continue to question and ‘Connect your own Dots’ on this subject.

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