Does Donald Trump Have a Plan to Make America Great Again?

Like many Americans I am in the Trump group of voters, as I too am “up to here” with corruption, war profiteering, lies about keeping your doctor and health plan, the number of unemployed, the cause of Benghazi, The Clinton Foundation keeping 85% of all contributions, putting our men and women in danger, causing the deaths of many and on through an endless list of felonies.  Enter Donald Trump, stage right.

The bombastic Trump message worked through the primaries, but he seems not to know he is getting top billing and had better have more to say than, “I’m great! Everyone loves me and I love you!” “Mexico will pay for the wall. We’ll repeal ObamaCare and replace it with something good.”  OK, like what?  It is time to put up or shut up, Donald.

Why can’t Mr. Trump propose turning over all health care insurance to a free national market and get rid of state insurance bureaus? All are corrupt. Free markets built America making more and better stuff for less, except where government got involved.  They have a way of making everything more expensive.  With health care a prime example: Now the hospitals charge $320 for an aspirin, $3000 a day for a private room that would be $80 in a Motel Six and have better service.

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Why isn’t Mr. Trump proposing a thorough investigation and legislation to stop hospital creative billing?  Why are these “non-profit” hospitals paying pencil-pushing, regulation reading administrators $800,000 to $1,500,000 per year to sit in an office and smile all day?  That is government regulation.  Find a problem and make it worse!

Government consistently screws up everything even in safety. They still have not perfected air bags and now want to license robot driven cars, which have just killed their first person. Stories abound of corruption in the “ethical” prescription drug business.

Donald says, “Mexico will pay for the wall!”  Why can’t he outline a bond issue for whatever it takes, compute 30 year bonds with the appropriate interest and the import duty to cover it from the $32 billion the send over our boarder.  Then we can believe it and our businessmen can plan for it.

Hillary will promote “free college” and “forgive student loans” in a bow to and move for Bernie Sanders voters.  Trump should be talking about an investigation of colleges as they are now paying million dollar a year salaries to administrators that do nothing and run “research institutes” that are little more than plagiarism palaces. “Peer reviewed” journals are a racket, existing in the garages and basements of entrepreneur professors who help colleagues fulfill their “publish or perish” quotas to maintain tenure.  Academia could give the used car businesses a run for shame.  Full professors work nine hours per week and complain about their “load.”  Trump should focus here and put the colleges under a federal magnifying glass.  They produce dubious products with no guarantees or support and have even screwed up science.

Government scientists poisoned physical science with mythical “ozone shields” and “greenhouse gases,” both of which are lies. They demonized the finest industrial chemical ever made, Freon(tm), and CO2, which is in very short supply in air.  Green plants are so desperate for it they waste 80% of our water to get it. The Gaia hypothesis, taken to a logical conclusion, says it is man’s destiny to burn stuff and restore the atmosphere.  Trump should be talking about this national corruption.

Meanwhile, back at the podium, Donald Trump is raving he will “Make America great again!” So how?  Why is he not telling us that China charges a 100% duty on our frozen chickens while their foodstuffs come in with no tariffs?  Which US Senators got calls from the China Food Export Board regarding their new $1 million number accounts at HSBC Bank in Panama for that vote?

After WWII we dropped our duties on foreign products to help the countries we had burned down to get back on their feet so they took much of our manufacturing and kept it by paying our Congress people big bribes.  How do they all get so rich in a few terms? Clinton Cozy Comey of the FBI can tell us, but don’t hold your breath.  Mr. Trump could promise to have the Foreign Relations committee forensically audited by the FBI after we get a new Director.

Why isn’t Mr. Trump proposing to end war on the planet by promising we will carpet bomb any nation that attacks another with H-Bombs (as we have 7,700 of them and there are only 1200 good targets on the planet)?  We could do this five times with enough left over to more than guarantee our security.  It would seem he would only have to do it once and we would never again see any nation invade another.  That would be real nuclear weapons control.

Why isn’t Mr. Trump challenging the “global warming/climate change” people to a lawsuit to prove their case?  I have a $10 demo in my book “Vapor Tiger,” on sale at, that shows the addition of the 100 parts per million of CO2 now described as an event turning Earth into an oven actually reduces air temperature slightly as it drives water vapor out per the Le Chatelier Principle. Water vapor does 99.8% of all atmospheric heating.  CO2 does very little.  It is not good at it.

Mr. Trump finished the primary season with 888 pledged delegates for the Republican convention.  He needs 1237 to be nominated, and there is a strong movement against him as he has no real plans. He is 349 short so the first ballot will probably pass unresolved as the old pros see no substance in Donald Trump.  The fact that [score]Ted Cruz[/score] has not endorsed him means Ted is launching a counter offensive, and it will be strong.  John Kasich is surely doing the same thing and it will be a serious effort, but not have the cutting edge that Cruz can give his.

Trump will pick Newt Gingrich or Chris Christie for his running mate with Newt if he is serious or Christy for sycophancy.  Both have baggage, but Newt knows where all the DC bodies are buried and will be infinitely more valuable if Trump wants to reform the place.

If Donald Trump does not focus now the debates put on by hostile networks, and even the objective one, they will be his Waterloo. Hillary will have the questions in advance and she will run through him like a chain saw until he will only be heard mumbling, “Make America Great Again.  Make America Great Again…”

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Adrian Vance

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