North Korea

MAJOR New North Korean Development: SEAL Team Six in South Korea

The discussion about how best to deal with Kim Jong Un and the North Korean threat leads us down only a few narrow paths of action.

Should Kim and his regime push the ethical bounds of force, again, the United States will have little choice but to act.  The next logical step in North Korea’s game plan will obviously be a live or targeted firing of a nuclear tipped ICBM or the satellite detonation of an atomic device meant to create an electro magnetic pulse, or EMP attack.  At the point in which this occurs, retaliation will be absolutely necessary; sanctions will have failed.

Having the most mighty military on the planet doesn’t give the United States too great an advantage in this scenario.  No, there is no chance that Kim and his military could ever hope to defeat the United States, however, the real threat lies within the diminutive dictator’s madness.

Any strike on the North Korea or Kim specifically will likely be met with swift and brutal attacks on South Korea and Japan – two U.S. allies well within North Korea’s comfort zone of missile launches.  Furthermore, the sheer proximity of North Korea to both China and Russia present a wholly unrealized threat to the United States, as both Asian superpowers have expressed their disapproval of certain aspects of the American response to Kim Jong Un’s provocation.

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One of the options being openly discussed is a stealthy assassination of Kim Jong Un; a feat best suited for a group such as SEAL Team Six.  As it turns out, those fellows are already on the job.

“Seal Team Six, the group sent to Pakistan in 2011 to kill Bin Laden, is taking part in secretive drills alongside South Korean commandos to take out the North Korean leader in the event of a war.

“The special assassination squad, which will be launched in December, was created by the South Korean defence ministry to neutralise ‘command and control’ systems in the North, The Times reported.

“Song Young-moo, the defence minister, told MPs: ‘We are in the process of conceptualising the plan.’

“’I believe we can create the unit by December 1.’

“South Korea’s defense ministry launched a plan to kill Kim dubbed Korea Massive Punishment and Retaliation (KMPR), local news service News 1 reported.

“It is reportedly part of a ‘three-axis system’  that includes Seoul’s homegrown anti-missile systems, the Korean Air and Missile Defense, or KAMD, and Kill Chain, a pre-emptive strike system.”

While the assassination of Kim is likely necessary for North Korea to be liberated, there is much uncertainty as to what would happen next should the Supreme Leader be incapacitated.

Many experts fear that the North Korean military has orders to unleash every possible weapon at their disposal should Kim wind up dead.  This is an alarming concept given the rogue nation’s strategic proximity to a number of allies and U.S. adversaries.  Furthermore, the North Korean people have been largely brainwashed by the Kim dynasty over the course of the last several generations, and liberation by the United States will not be an overnight success by any stretch of the international imagination.

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