Major Announcement from Team Trump… A Democrat Governor is Switching Parties! UPDATED: With Governor’s Announcement

While it may not seem like the President is doing much winning in the left-wing media, the truth is that other than not getting Obamcare repealed… the President has basically accomplished much of what he set out to do.

Many Americans have noticed that Trump’s accomplishments continue to add up,  and some Democrats are starting to take note as well.

In West Virginia, one Democrat leader had seen enough and was tired of being on the losing team.

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Governor Jim Justice who was elected as a Democrat in 2016 even as Donald Trump won the Presidential race by more than 40 points, has decided that his time as a Democrat has come to an end.

Justice is expected to make his announcement at a rally for President Trump tonight in Huntington, West Virginia.

From the New York Times:

Mr. Justice, a billionaire coal and real estate magnate, ran as a conservative Democrat and declined to endorse Hillary Clinton in 2016. But even as West Virginia has become a reliable Republican state in presidential elections and further down the ballot, a handful of Democrats have still been able to win office.

Mr. Justice, though, is said to have friendly relationships with some members of Mr. Trump’s family. And before entering politics he gave money to officeholders in both parties while variously registering as a Republican, Democrat and independent.

Mr. Justice’s decision to change parties will further isolate Senator Joe Manchin, a West Virginia Democrat and himself a former governor.

Mr. Manchin has resisted the entreaties of Republicans to change parties and add to the two-seat Senate majority. Some Trump administration officials, eyeing Mr. Manchin’s seat, also had hoped to put him in the cabinet, but he has declined all overtures.

Now he must stand for re-election in 2018 without the help of a friendly governor.

The party switch means that Republicans now control the Governor’s mansion in 34 states, leaving just 15 with Democrats, and one with an Independent.

This is what domination looks like, and it puts the lie to the media narrative that the nation stands against President Trump and the GOP agenda.

The real story here is the pressure that this will put on Senator Joe Manchin (D) in West Virginia. Unlike most of the rest of the country, West Virginia is not a “partisan” state. The people there are naturally more conservative, but they have a long history of electing Democrats who support them and stand by them. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) is the kind of Democrat that the Mountaineers love because he bucks the Democrat Party just enough to keep his moderate credibility. However, as the 2018 campaign ramps up he will find himself facing a popular (in West Virginia) President, and an entire slate of state legislators from the Republican Party.

Governor Justice’s decision to switch parties could end up costing the Democrats a Senate seat in 2018, and that makes this move a very big deal.


Here is Governor Justice making his announcement:


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