Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Mainstream Miscreant Suggests Someone CHOKE Sarah Sanders

Many of us do remember a time when the media wasn’t such an absolute cesspool of violence and vitriol, right?  I didn’t just imagine a time when class and decorum were in fashion, did I?

Like many Americans, I find myself constantly amazed at the wholesale hatred that we see day in and day out in the mainstream media.  I can tell by the speed at which I type the phrase “mainstream media” that I’ve harped on this before, but there is no reason to ignore this obvious and incredible issue.  It is staring us in the face as we’re staring right back at it.  On the bike at the gym, on our phones in the morning, and likely within minutes of finding yourself here at my humble internet abode.

Used correctly, this massive stream of information is a tool that we can use to make investments, avoid trouble, and decide on how best to interact with society.  How we’re experiencing the media today, however, is far more akin to being bludgeoned with one of our own limbs.  We’re being beaten into either submission or psychopathy in a demented “flight or fight” routine.

Just look at the case of Kathy Griffin’s despicable decapitation stunt.  Griffin desensitized us to what violence against the President could look like.

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Kathy Griffin

Two weeks later, deranged leftist maniac James T. Hodgkinson attempted to murder the entirety of the GOP charity baseball team at a field in Virginia.  It took fourteen days for the radical left to take Kathy Griffin’s hint.

Now, less than a year removed from either incident, another media figure has suggested violence against one of Trump’s closest confidantes, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

MSNBC daytime host Nicolle Wallace suggested that White House press secretary Sarah Sanders should be choked after she refused to comment Friday on a report that an aide in the administration made a dismissive remark about Sen. John McCain’s, R-Ariz., health.

On her show Friday, Wallace, who was an adviser for McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, asked NBC News’ White House reporter Kristen Welker, “How do you resist the temptation to run up and wring her neck? Why can’t she just say if a staffer said that, we’re going to get to the bottom of it and she’ll be fired?”

Welker only responded that reporters at the day’s White House press briefing were “surprised” that Sanders didn’t offer more of an answer to questions about the alleged incident.


While it seems unthinkable that someone would take Wallace seriously, (she is on MSNBC after all), there was no way of knowing that James Hodgkinson was waiting in the wings to commit his atrocity on the heels of Kathy Griffin’s dogwhistle decapitation either.  Where is the responsibility?

Better yet:  Where is the class?  Where is the decorum?

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