If the Mainstream Media Wants a War over “Fake News”… We’re Ready!

Yesterday, I reported with some pride that LU had made a list of “fake” news sources compiled by an instructor at an obscure college in Massachusetts.

Ordinarily, the musings of an assistant professor at a school ranked 57th in the category Regional Universities North would fail to receive the attention of even the Eagle Tribune (circulation: 35,397), the local newspaper in North Andover. But these are desperate times, and many in the so-called “elite media” have adopted the author of this flawed and heavily biased report their poster child. Any port in the storm, one supposes.

Among the “news” outlets that have picked up on this story is one with no room to talk. That would be CNN, which during the election earned the nickname Clinton Network News. A piece at CNN Money snipes at “sites designed to trick people, including Truthfeed and Gateway Pundit” and laments that “fake news has been a major issue during the election.”

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No one would know that better than Cable Network News. As revealed by WikiLeaks just before the election, the network colluded with the DNC on which questions to ask Ted Cruz during the primary debate he moderated in April. CNN’s purpose was to attempt to secure the GOP nomination for Donald Trump, the one candidate the Left was sure Hillary Clinton could beat in the general election…


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