The Mainstream Media is the Real Home of Fake News

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly got involved in the battle over “fake news” on his show Monday night, pointing out that if anyone was pushing “phony stories and fake news” on the American people, it was the mainstream media.

As examples he cited the media’s breathless coverage of “faithless” Electoral College voters, their constant worrying about Russian hacking that everyone already knew was happening, and the fabricated (without evidence) story that Putin loves Trump.

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Enjoy O’Reilly’s takedown of the media below:

The Factor has not covered anything about the Electoral College vote because it’s a completely phony story. 

Donald Trump will be the next president and it doesn’t matter if one or two electoral delegates defect. The left-wing press blew this story up because they want to make Trump look bad. All of the ‘journalists’ who participated in this phony story were misleading you. Now, on to Russian hacking. That is a real story that we highlighted back in October.

President Obama did not do anything about it, as far as we can tell, but now the Democrats are whining all over the place. It’s clear that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party did not believe the Russian hackers would derail their presidential chances , so no pressure was put on President Obama to stop the madness when it was uncovered. But now, Hillary Clinton is saying this: ‘Vladimir Putin himself directed the covert cyber attacks against our electoral system, against our democracy, apparently because he has a personal beef against me.’

It seems to me that Putin’s alleged favoring of Trump, if that’s a fact, may be a very large mistake. By putting some very tough generals in charge of the Defense Department and national security, a message is being sent to Putin and the world: Don’t mess with the USA!

The Russian leader and other tyrants ran wild and the Obama administration could not stop them. Right now the American public doesn’t know what happened with the hacking because the Obama administration won’t tell us, so now Congress is getting involved. As for Donald Trump, he should stay out of it until he gets into office and gets briefed by the people he is appointing to intelligence positions.

Talking Points believes the Russian government was involved in embarrassing the Democratic Party, but that did not cause Hillary Clinton’s defeat. That’s a phony line of reportage, but the left is desperately looking for some reason to explain why Secretary Clinton and the Democratic Party lost so badly. The left-wing media has an agenda, saying Trump did not win the election fairly. And the Democratic Party has an agenda, saying the Russians threw the election to Donald Trump. Neither of those things is true!

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