The Mainstream Media Continues its Assault on Trump

By J.E. Dyer at Liberty Unyielding

Day after day, the mainstream media “news” about Trump remains relentlessly bad.  If you fed yourself a diet of nothing but “MSM news about Trump,” the indigestion and food poisoning would have killed you by now.

Casual readers can avoid consuming this news by staying away from the mainstream TV networks and newspapers, and the supposedly “centrist” websites, like Politico.  (If you don’t know enough to stay away from sites like Slate and Salon, or avowedly left-wing magazines’ websites like New Republic and Atlantic, we can address that via separate correspondence.)

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But if you’re a political blogger, and you need to survey what’s out there every day, it’s been downright funny to see the media slinging everything they can come up with at Trump.  The desperation is palpable.

The desperation is understandable, too, as it happens.  Some of the things the media can find to lob at Trump have always been effective before.  Under ordinary conditions, we would expect them to be so now.  But they’re not.  Nothing is working the way it’s supposed to.

And it’s really inexplicable because Trump himself is far from a morally pristine character.  He brings plenty of baggage.  Certainly a lot more baggage that would normally bear looking into than the politicians he ran against in the primaries.  Remember when the MSM actually made headway with idiotic themes like “Marco Rubio bought a fishing boat” and “Ted Cruz’s little girl shied away from a public hug”?

Trump has flaws and skeletons that no ordinary Republican would survive, and yet he survives them.  Why should he get away with so many things way worse than putting his dog on the roof of the car for a road trip?  He isn’t statesmanlike, or “clubbable” among decent, peaceable people.  How is it possible that Trump is getting a pass from the cosmos, instead of a deserving, high-toned person like Mitt Romney?  What’s going on here?

I think it’s pretty simple, if we just change the direction we’re looking in.  It’s not about Trump…


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