Bill Maher

Maher Furthers Lib Celebs’ Descent into Filth With Ivanka Incest Joke

Those who politically oppose President Donald Trump have turned to flagrant filth in a pathetic attempt to denounce the Commander in Chief.

The election of Trump, who by all means is an unconventional President that many believed would never be able to tackle democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, has sent the liberal left into a furious tantrum in recent months.  Not only are we now being subjected to the New Fascism movement against any and all conservative targets, but we are also learning that many of the nation’s left-leaning celebrities are nothing more than potty-mouthed sore losers.

Stephen Colbert dominated the field of the putrid and pompous this week with his absolutely disgusting and degrading insinuation that Donald Trump’s oral orifice is only useful for performing lewd acts on Russian leader Vladimir Putin.  Of course, Colbert’s version was much filthier, causing the television host’s words to be bleeped by network censors, as well as having his mouth blurred on television while he mouthed the words.  This has led to an investigation by the FCC, who revealed late this week that they had received several complaints about the racy monologue.

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Now, not to be undone, HBO host Bill Maher has thrown his hat in the raucous ring in an attempt to dethrone Colbert from his corner office at Villa Vile.

“On Friday, Maher said that Ivanka Trump is ‘our saving grace’ when it comes to President Trump.

“‘When he’s about to f*cking nuke Finland or something, she’s gonna’ walk into the bedroom and — “Daddy, Daddy…”Don’t do it, Daddy,”‘ said Maher — as he made a crude hand gesture (see video).

“Everyone in the studio audience, of course, laughed and laughed. New York magazine reporter Gabriel Sherman, a guest on the show, giggled like a teenage boy.

“Maher was criticized for the crude joke on Twitter.”

These x-rated rants have, unfortunately, become the new norm for Hollywood types in the age of Trump.  The sheer shock that Tinsel Town felt as the nation’s conservative uprising took the reigns of the government, and of society as a whole, has manifested itself in this ghoulish behavior and the New Fascism movement.  It seems that liberals, when not rioting and committing arson to get their point across, will simply reach into the gutter and scoop out a handful of unmentionable phrases to sling at the leader of the free world.

Trump, both as candidate and President, has been the victim of these sleazy and repugnant attacks against his family.  It is truly time for the left to grow up, and start complaining like adults do.

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