Radical Left

Maddow Radicalizes Viewer Into Threatening to Hunt and Kill Republicans

Where our nation once erred on the side of political civility, the left has replaced such gestures with pitchforks and torches in their never-ending quest to delegitimize the entire American conservative population.

“Triggered” by the election of Donald J. Trump to the highest office in the land, the left side of American politics has taken a dark and dangerous turn over the last year.  Gone are the days of simple protests with bland, predictable chants and slogans, and in their place we have the black bloc tactics of the radical left’s “Antifa” organization.

Antifa, a tyrannical leftist organization attempting to masquerade as an anti-fascist group, has been largely responsible for the bloodshed seen throughout our nation over the last year.  From a baseball field full of GOP congressmen, to the streets of Charlottesville, the radical left has laid waste to America’s partisan decorum.  Gone are the days of conversation and disagreements, replaced now with Antifa’s riotous antics and vitriolic violence.

Now, in a case of art imitating life, Rachel Maddow has herself become an agent of unrest, pushing her own viewers into dangerous, radical territory as evidenced by the latest out of Arkansas.

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“Drinking while watching MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show led to death threats against Republicans Mitch McConnell and Scott Pruitt that sparked an FBI investigation.

“An individual admitted to sending threatening tweets against the Senate majority leader and Environmental Protection Agency administrator, according to the EPA’s inspector general investigation document, first reportedby E&E News.

“The unidentified person from Paragould, Ark., said they meant the threats as a ‘flippant comment’ and sent the tweets when they were ‘drinking while watching the Rachel Maddow show.’

“The threats were serious enough for the Office of Investigations to open a joint inquiry with the FBI, the Joint Terrorism Task Force, and the Tulsa Police Department in Oklahoma.”

Unfortunately, this sort of left wing escalation has become far too common in America these days, as the Trump era continues to grate the ears of the liberal base.

Democrats have long been accused of overreaction, poor sportsmanship, and an overall excellence when it comes to being sore losers, but this latest streak of hatred is much different than the petty squabbles of the past.  Now, the left is actively using physical means to push their philosophical quandaries on the nation, leading to more than a few skirmishes having already taken place in the New American Civil War.

The events of Charlottesville, Virginia come to mind, wherein groups of protesters angrily advanced on one another in a bout over American historical monuments.  At the end of the day, a females bystander and two police officers had lost their lives due to the radical actions of the mobs involved.

If this is where leftist drivel is driving us, then God help us all.

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