The Mad Scientist Link Decrease in Suicide to Gay Marriage

I thankfully have another 5 years before I am the parent of a teenager. I remember those years. They were not easy. I was lucky enough to have caring parents and friends. Many were not so lucky and decided to take their own lives. I became a teenager in 1986 and ironically the rate fell between 1986 and 1999. So the question is what were we doing differently?

Well, if you believe a new “study” apparently Same-Sex marriage must have been legal then because they are attributing gay marriage for a recent decrease in teen suicide.

I have another theory and can actually back mine up with facts.

  • In 2007 the suicide rate was 11.27
  • In 2008 the suicide rate was 11.60
  • In 2009 the suicide rate was 11.75
  • In 2010 the suicide rate was 12.08
  • In 2011 the suicide rate was 12.32
  • In 2012 the suicide rate was 12.54
  • In 2013 the suicide rate was 12.57
  • In 2014 the suicide rate was 12.93
  • In 2015 the suicide rate was 13.26

So the suicide rate rose every year since 2007. What was the one common factor in all of those years?  Obama was President. Hey they are facts so maybe he is the reason the suicide rate went up.

Does that sound ridiculous? You bet it does. Almost as ridiculous as me saying that since Montana had the highest rate at 23.8 that mining and agriculture cause you to commit suicide.

Suicide is the 19th leading cause of death in America. 22% of those deaths are by veteran’s. 90% of those who die by suicide had a diagnosable psychiatric disorder at the time of their death.

Did you get that- 90% had a psychiatric disorder!!! To me it would seem that the cause is pretty clear BUT by all means let’s make it about an agenda to legitimize sexual dysfunction instead of about getting help for those who need it.

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