Maxine Waters

Mad Maxine Waters Is AGAIN Calling For Action From Resistance Rats!

As we look out over the American populace in this day and age, we see a wild variety of political opinions, ideologies regarding the future of society, and plans that could lead to the betterment of the American experiment time and time again.

Yet, when we look deep into the democratic party, we find ourselves staring into the angry, rhetorical abyss of abhorrent hate and bigotry toward American traditionalists.  The worst part is that they aren’t even attempting to hide this fact either.

Take Maxine Waters for instance; an angry congressional representative from the ultraliberal state of California who caught serious flack for her insinuation that her constituents should form mobs in order to confront conservatives and make them feel “unwelcome” in America.  You would think that the massive fallout from this incendiary debacle would have taught Maxine a lesson about the will of We The People.

But no.  It definitely did not.

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California Rep. Maxine Waters said that Americans should be “out in the streets screaming” about President Trump in a Wednesday interview.

Waters told CNBC’s John Harwood, “I think [Trump’s] dangerous.”

“I don’t know why people take it. I think Americans should be out in the streets screaming to the top of their voice. Do something. Make something happen,” she continued.

During the interview, she also said, “[Trump is] one of the most deplorable people I’ve ever encountered in my life.”

Waters’ insinuations obviously aren’t in tune with the rest of the nation, however, as President Trump continues to astound the liberal media with his incredible approval polling and constant stream of patriotic successes.

Meanwhile, We The People are heeding the warnings of CNN and others, who are calling for a New Civil War.  We see this as a threat, and rightly so:  The mainstream media’s insistence that this is truly occurring only helps to bolster their ratings and revenue, as conflict between the American political classes is a great way to sell television advertising.


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