Mad Maxine Warns Conservatives That She’s Not Done Radicalizing Yet

As we looks around the nation today, and into the eyes of our fellow countrymen, a tension and an anxiety seems to simply radiate from even the most familiar or foreign of faces.

The mainstream media has steadily been whipping our country into a frenzy, politically, thanks to their overwhelming bias against President Donald Trump and the conservative majority that supports him.  These attempts at sowing some sort of coup or rebellion have come in a number of different forms, most notably in an unsubstantiated set of rumors regarding Russian involvement in the 2016 election on behalf of Donald Trump.  The President has been accused of being a willing participant in this scheme on several occasions, although, even though the left won’t admit it, Trump has also been vindicated by at least two investigations into the subject, and only the already-exposed Mueller team’s bias has kept their witch hunt alive.

This constant state of doubt that the democrats are attempting to perpetuate regarding our President has been a toxic plague on our American society.  Riots, anger, hate, vitriol, and violence are the predominant emotions of the liberal left, who are less about their “bleeding heart” ethos in 2018.  Now, they’d rather create bloodshed.

And, as if the media weren’t enough, there are congressional democrats who are now calling for an escalation of action; most famously, California Representative Maxine Waters.

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In the days since Mad Max went on her stump speech-tirade, we have seen no shortage of results, disturbingly aimed at the women of the Trump campaign.

And, still, no apology from Waters, and no condemnation from the democrats.  Instead, we have witnessed a doubling down of this hate-filled message, and, now, a warning from Waters herself that the worst is still yet to come.

Waters is aware that she sometimes pushes the envelope, according to a former aide who said the congresswoman thinks Democrats as a whole have engaged in “nice guy politics” for too long.

“She’s definitely pushing people into a place of discomfort,” said the former aide, adding that Waters is “slowly but surely getting the Democrats to play the game the way Trump plays it.”

The former staffer said that Trump’s 2016 mimicking of Serge Kovaleski, a New York Times reporter who has a physical disability, “ignited her fire.”

“That was the moment that really spurred her to speak out against him,” the former staffer said. “It was a moment that I think snapped her into accepting this is now our reality and accepting her role as an emerging soldier against this administration.”

Of course, the Kovaleski incident has been explained away by President Trump already.  Perhaps one of the Representative’s staffers can ask an intern to Google that for her.

So, how long will the nation stand the poking and prodding by these progressives?  What is the incident that sends tempers into the stratosphere?  We certainly don’t know, but it looks as though the left is hellbent on discovering what it could be.

For shame.

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