Maxine Waters

Mad Max Triggered By MAGA on House Floor, Melts Down Immediately

You know that old saying about staying out of the kitchen if you can’t take the heat?  Well the liberal left and the Deep State D.C. swamp demons now starting to sweat in earnest.

Our nation is undergoing a massive conservative awakening, and we’ve been touting this for years.  While the rest of the mainstream media is just now getting on board with our prediction, we are seeing incredibly enormous changes of heart in the world of political discourse in America, as even men such as Kanye West have come out swinging for President Donald Trump in recent weeks, even drawing the ire of fellow celebrities in the process.

This turn to the right has also completely incensed the liberal left, who believed for decades that they would maintain control of certain voter demographic from now until the rapture.  Those constituent contingents were minorities, the LGBTQ community, and millennials.

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And then there’s Kanye, Milo, and the true free speech warriors at Berkeley who were attacked by their liberal cohorts in massive riots just over a year ago.

Now, amid this revolution of thought, some of the democratic old guard are having a difficult time staying sane.  Maxine Waters is just such an individual, and her latest lunacy comes to us from the halls of Congress, where the liberal Representative had a Chernobyl style meltdown within moments of hearing the phrase “Make America Great Again”.

The argument erupted between Waters and Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) over the repeal of lending guidelines in the auto industry that were passed during former President Obama’s term in office.

“We are trying to make sure that we are making American great, every day and in every way, and the best way to do that is to stop talking about discrimination and start talking about the nation,” Kelly said. “We’re coming together as a people in spite of what you say.”

“The gentleman, Mr. Kelly,” Waters responded, “please do not leave because I want you to know that I am offended as an African-American woman than you will ever be. And this business about making America great again, it is your president that is dividing this country.”

“And don’t talk to me about the fact that we don’t understand what happened on the automobile… no I will not yield,” she said after being interrupted, “don’t tell me that we don’t understand, that’s the attitude that’s been given towards women time and time again.”

And then comes the admission of being triggered by MAGA:

“And I am saying that I will continue to do that,” she responded to the chair, “however I don’t appreciate that you did not interrupt him when he was making those outrageous remarks about him knowing more about discrimination than I know about discrimination. I resent that and I resent the remark about making America great again, he’s down here making a speech for this dishonorable president of the United States of America.”

Mad Max may not be cut out for this Washington thing after all, given just how easy it is to send her off her rocker and into some sort of frenzied, liberal tantrum over the idea that we should be improving our country.

The most telling piece of this entire conversation, however, is when Maxine begins her rant by claiming that Rep. Kelly will never be on her level of anger due to Maxine’s African American heritage.  This is simply absurd and elitist, and attitudes like this are precisely the reason that our nation is undergoing this conservative awakening in the first place.



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