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Mad Max Garners Official Grievance From Congressional Watchdogs

The radicalization of the liberal left is raging, my friends; there is no denying that.  The only inquiry worth chasing into this coming dark night is what the democrats plan to do about it.

There is still time to save us…at least I still believe that.  Amid these threats of violence, and acts of violence as well, there seems to be something left of our humanity.  A single shred of continuity among an otherwise tattered flag whipping in a howling wind.  These are the tattered fringes of our republic, flailing against the erosion of the elements, knowing full well that their struggle only hastens their demise.

This is the democratic party’s last gasp, lest they choose to undergo an transformative episode not unlike that of major religious figures, or their “brave” “hero” Caitlyn Jenner.

California Representative Maxine Waters, a public servant by title only, has now called for mob harassment of conservatives, which is to say:  Maxine told her followers to attack his followers.  It was incitement through and through, for which the left has mostly played dumb about.  Mad Max is about to have nowhere to hide, however, as an official grievance has been filed by one of the nation’s leading congressional watchdog groups.

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Judicial Watch, the conservative watchdog group, sent a letter to the House Office of Congressional Ethics Monday, calling for an ethics investigation into Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) to determine if she violated House ethics rules by encouraging violence against Trump administration officials.

In the group’s letter to the Office of Congressional Ethics, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton suggested that Waters violated House rules when she encouraged “crowds” of people to “push back” on Trump administration officials at private business establishments.

“Rep. Maxine Waters incited violence and assault against members of President Trump’s Cabinet,” Fitton said in a statement. “It is urgent that the House ethics quickly act to hold her accountable for this dangerous incitement.”

Waters has simply been following the well-lit path of the lunatic left, who have telegraphed every step of their ridiculous “resistance” through the mainstream media.  Kathy Griffin begets James T. Hodgkinson one year ago, Peter Fonda begets the inexcusable treatment of Kristjen Nielsen and Sarah Sanders just last week.  This isn’t rocket science at all, folks:  This is simple cause and effect.

The left is putting this violence out into the world, and the rest of the nation is reeling in defense because of it.

I implore all of you who still reach across the aisle to, in turn, implore those on the left to take their foot off the gas for just a few moments.  That brick wall is a lot closer than they realize.

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