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Mad Dog Mattis Flat Out Tells Kim “NO” to Nuke-Capable North Korea

The time for diplomacy is rapidly coming to an end in the war of words between the United States and North Korea, with the latter getting a harsh admonishment from on tough cookie on the good guys’ team.

Secretary of Defense, General James “Mad Dog” Mattis, is no fan of mincing words, and his straightforward attitude has earned him legendary status among America’s military members.  The Mad Dog himself has been visiting Asia this week ahead of a trip by President Trump in the coming days, and has had North Korea on his mind for the better part of his envoy.  Visiting the demilitarized zone between South Korea and their nuke-happy northern neighbor, Mattis personally inspected the artillery battalions stationed just across the border, aimed at Seoul.  The South Koreans warned the General that they themselves could not prevent massive destruction to their capital if Kim gave the orders to unleash hell via these weapons.  Mattis simply nodded and said “understood”.

This man of few words knows when best to dole out wisdom and advice, and he did a little bit of both in the direction of North Korea’s dainty dictator earlier today.

“U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis issued a stern warning to North Korea on Saturday: Despite its ongoing missile and nuclear programs, it is simply no match for the U.S.-South Korea alliance.

“’Make no mistake,’ Mattis said during a news conference in Seoul, ‘any attack on the United States or our allies will be defeated, and any use of nuclear weapons by the North will be met with a massive military response that is effective and overwhelming.’

“During the joint appearance with South Korean Defense Minister Song Young-moo, Mattis acknowledged that the threat of a nuclear missile attack by North Korea was accelerating.

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“’I cannot imagine a condition under which the United States would accept North Korea as a nuclear power,’ he said.”

Mattis’ semantics leave room for little speculation, and his “any use of a nuclear weapon” was likely with a heavy emphasis on “any”.

North Korea’s recent underground test of a likely hydrogen bomb was likely the last straw for the nuke-hungry regime, who has already threatened to test such a device in the Pacific Ocean – an act that would certainly test the limits of Mattis’ “any use” terminology.

With three U.S. carrier groups floating off the coast of the tiny nation, Kim Jong Un would be wise to take Mattis very, very seriously.

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