Emmanuel Macron

Macron Email Leaks Seemingly Show Candidate is Gay, Buys Hard Drugs Online

In a bizarre mirroring of the U.S. election of 2016, France’s more liberal candidate for President was the victim of a massive email hack in recent days.

Emmanuel Macron, who, according to recent polls could very well be elected President of France today, has been targeted by hackers who are hoping to influence the French populace into voting for his rival, France-first candidate Marine Le Pen.  The emails, which were leaked late this week, seemingly point to a very different Macron than we’ve sen on the campaign trail, complete with subscriptions to homosexual mailing lists and receipts for hard drugs bought on the internet using the discrete Bitcoin currency.

“But while the French are keeping relatively mum on the leaks, social media users from the United States are speaking about them loud and clear, sharing some information that – if true – could prove rather embarrassing for Macron.

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“For example, Got News claims to have found among the leaked files evidence that Emmanuel Macron is on the mailing list of ‘VestiareGay.’
“Got News also claims to have found evidence that Macron’s senior campaign member Alain Tourret once ordered a ‘designer drug’ using bitcoin.

“Presenting the screenshot below, the outlet alleges that Tourret purchased MMC-3, ‘a combination of effects similar to ecstasy and crystal meth.’

In what has amounted to one of the most egregious corruptions of power in recent memory, the French election commission has ordered that no media outlets in France be allowed to share information gleaned from the email leak with the French public.  This unbelievable overreach of power has outed French political insiders as clearly pro-Macron operatives, and threatens to warp the entire visage of transparency from the electoral process.


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