MA Gov’t Wants Pot Peddlers To Take Tyrannical Tax Bump

Our great nation has a long and arduous history with all thing “tax”, from our very inception as a nation, all the way down to some of the most mundane bits of small-town government planning you’ll ever endure.

Whether it be a half-penny SPLOST tax, or the taxes that create $14 packs of cigarettes in New York City, We The People are all too familiar with the concept of handing money over the government.  We used to despise the idea so much that we literally fought our first war over it, just so that we could install a form of government in which we have at least a little bit of say into how that many gets spent.

Unfortunately, after 240 years of inflating the entire experiment to obscene degrees, we find ourselves often back in the original taxation predicament, and the people of Massachusetts are none too pleased about it.

“Less than a year after Massachusetts voters approved legalizing marijuana and taxing it at a rate of 12 percent, lawmakers already seek a larger take of the dealer’s cut.

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“In shifting marijuana from decriminalized to legal status, voters permitted a maximum tax of 12 percent on sales of the sweet leaf. Seven months later, the state legislature seeks to grab more of pot profits by permitting taxes as high as 28 percent.

“It’s not as though those in the reefer business didn’t see the state coming for their business.

“Apart from raising taxes, the 48-page omnibus bill currently before the Great and General Court seeks to expand a cannabis board to five members, prohibit localities from enforcing laws against the transportation or delivery of pot, maintain a database on people using medical marijuana, and seize weed from those, such as Charlie and Mark, not given the state’s imprimatur to sell. The proposed law authorizes investigations and audits of the pot dispensaries. It imposes stringent testing on the product. And it directs the authorized marijuana dealers to ‘abide by an affirmative action program’ in hiring.”

Other states with recreationally legal weed have recorded incredible tax revenues due to the novelty of the experience and the tourism that it brings with it.  Massachusetts wouldn’t be the first state to look to pot for a premium priced plant, but it could prove to be one of the most profitable, should they jack their taxes even higher.

Should this inspire the marijuana masses to revolt once again against their tyrannically taxing government, I would wager that their version of the Boston Tea Party would be a far more mellow affair.

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