Lt. General Michael Flynn Warned Against Creating ISIS in Syria [VIDEO]

Michael Flynn warned Obama and Clinton but they didn’t listen; Trump did.

The media tells us that Michael Flynn warned many times that Islam is a threat. That fact fits into their narrative that Donald Trump’s pick for National Security Advisor is a warmongering hot head. Here’s a typical profile by the media:

Half of the report ought to make any American outside the cult of progressivism realize he is simply an honest soldier trying to defend his country. Of course, Russia is not a great threat to the U.S. and possibly a valuable ally. Certainly, there is reason to question the “wisdom” of both parties claiming that it is in the national interest to support Saudi Arabia and oppose Russia. The American people know that is insanity. They voted for the Trump revolution!

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So now the media is trying to make Trump a mere figurehead by marginalizing his cabinet picks and trying to give power back to the establishment. It was amazing to hear them raise the issue of foreign money. Where were those concerns about the Clinton Foundation?

But there are also real lies of omission here that are aimed at portraying Flynn as a warmonger, even while they criticize him for not wanting nuclear war with Russia on behalf of Al Qaeda terrorists. One detail they leave out is that Michael Flynn warned Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton that their Syrian policy would lead them into becoming the founder and co-founder of ISIS.

Back when there was a rumor that Trump wanted Flynn as Vice-President, Justin Raimondo at analyzed his record:

When I first heard that Gen. Michael Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) under President Obama, was rumored to be on Donald Trump’s short list for the GOP vice presidential nomination, my ears pricked up. I wrote about Flynn here, and has covered the controversy surrounding the 2012 DIA report that warned the Obama administration that its policy of regime change in Syria would lead to the rise of a Sunni Islamic “caliphate” in Syria – a warning that fell on deaf ears.

Flynn was forced out of his job as DIA director because, he says, his views “did not fit the narrative.” But what narrative is he talking about? In order to understand this intramural fight within the highest levels of the intelligence and military communities, we have to go back to the Bush administration, and the Iraq war.

Raimondo goes on to review what happened, but here’s my simplistic summary: Bush changed direction during the Iraq War when Bush realized that by weakening Iraq and installing a democracy, he upset the balance of power in favor of Iran. Iran was no longer constrained by Iraq. Furthermore, Iraq was and is a majority Shiite Muslim country. With a democratic government, instead of a secular dictatorship, Iraq became a natural ally to Iran.

Bush’s response, followed by Obama and Clinton, was to change direction and start supporting Sunni Islam. This was the policy, which our compliant establishment media never questions, that led to Hillary Clinton supporting terrorists in Libya who killed our ambassador in Benghazi.

It also led to our Syrian policy, which Michael Flynn warned about in a 2012 report that was recently declassified. Raimondo writes,

Before serving as head of the DIA, Flynn was the Senior Intelligence officer with JSOC, the elite military command that directs Special Forces operations throughout the world: essentially the spearhead of the fight against terrorism. For him to see Washington pursue a policy of actively aiding our sworn enemies, nurturing the terrorist nests that were springing up in Syria and Libya – all in the name of the “war on terrorism” – was simply too much for him to bear in silence. That DIA report was a direct challenge to the administration’s policy, and it wasn’t long before he was asked to resign, or be fired.

Asked if ISIS wouldn’t be where they are today if the invasion of Iraq had never happened, Flynn replied: “Absolutely. …The historic lesson is that it was a strategic failure to go into Iraq.”

So, while the media portrays Flynn as an anti-Muslim hothead who will get us into war, the truth is different. He is a man who is more restrained than both the Bush and Obama administrations.

The warmonger and killer of Muslims (by the hands of more radical Muslims and by drones and bombs) is Barack Obama with his sidekick Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump represents the potential for real change. Don’t let the media fool you!

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