Lt. Col. Allen West has A Warning for All Christians

In his most recent post at the website Allen West Republic, former Congressman Allen West delivers a warning for all American Christians. Col. West began by discussing the hopelessness that many American Christians seem to feel as they watch their beloved nation descend into immorality, debauchery, and chaos. It is understandable, given the nature of the evil arrayed against us, but Col. West has a message of encouragement, imploring you, dear Christians, to stand hopefully and defend your nation and your faith.

Here’s what Col. West had to say:

There are times when I just have to share the Sunday message I receive, and this is one of those times.

Often when I’m out and about with Christians, I get the “what can we do, it all seems so hopeless” line. And folks I gotta tell ya, noting upsets me more than to hear Christians talk about a situation being termed as hopeless.

Many believe there’s nothing that can be done against the progressive socialist and secular humanist left’s assault on religious freedoms and liberty. Case in point: look what’s happening in North Carolina because they have a law stating that you’ll use the bathrooms and facilities corresponding to the gender on your birth certificate. We know what’s happened to Christian bakers in Oregon, Christian florists in Seattle, Christian photographers in New Mexico — all because they honored their faith.

The state, meaning the progressive socialist ideological government, has declared that you can have your faith, your religious belief, but THEY will determine the level of your freedom.

As a matter of fact, ask the Little Sisters of the Poor how the government is determining how, where and when they can practice their religious beliefs. The government has decided religious beliefs are discriminatory, in their opinion. And any opposition to the opinion of the liberal progressive left, especially from Christians, is met with economic persecution, tyranny, terrorism — just ask the folks in Oregon and New Mexico — and look at the actions of the NCAA and ACC in North Carolina.

So, perhaps in the face of this onslaught, Christians are warranted in having a feeling of hopelessness. However, remember this simple fact from the 2012 presidential election: some 30 million Christians did not vote. Some were registered to vote and did not, others didn’t even register.

Therefore, if there’s a feeling of “hopelessness” it is by thine own hand!


Read the rest of his important message at Allen West Republic.

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