Lou Dobbs to President Trump: Clean House By Firing Mueller and Gutting DOJ

President Trump has been in a precarious position in recent weeks, as a probe led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller threatens to undermine his ability to lead.

The investigation, which is of course related to the wild Russian conspiracy theory being floated by the liberals of the nation, has been ongoing for some time with Mueller at the helm.  Previous to the appointment of this Special Counsel, former FBI Director James Comey was at the head of a similar probe that sought to discover whether or not President Trump is secretly a Russian operative who colluded with the Kremlin to influence the 2016 election and win the White House.

Now, as Robert Mueller is pushing his investigation into territories previously warned against by the President himself, journalist Lou Dobbs has some advice for the Commander in Chief that will have democratic heads spinning.

“’I personally believe it’s time for President Trump to get rid of [Deputy AG Rod] Rosenstein, and get rid of [special investigator Robert] Mueller, clear out the Obama leftovers in the Department of Justice, and appoint officials to investigate the real corruption and toxic collusion in the D.C. swamp,’ declared Dobbs during his monologue. ‘As Deputy AG Rosenstein said, “It’s time to do the right thing” – it’s past time.’

“Dobbs, who has been a staunch supporter of the president throughout his candidacy and first six months in office, denounced the blatant conflicts of interest infesting the ‘Trump-Russia election collusion’ conspiracy theory being investigated by Mueller and his team of Democrat operatives, noting, ‘Nearly half of them gave money to Hillary Clinton or to President Obama.’

“’Mueller was interviewed to replace Comey as FBI director, a man he’s known since at least 2003 – President Trump turned down Mueller to have that job,’ he explained. ‘The men have been described as “brothers-in-arms”.'”

Trump’s rock-and-a-hard-place situation is certainly no surprise.

The left has been attempting to corner the President since day one of this fledgling first term.  By backing the leader of the free world into a corner between firing Mueller and allowing the Special Counsel to air the President’s non-Russian dirty laundry, The Donald is truly in damned if you do, damned if you don’t territory.  Relieving Mueller would open up a firestorm of presumed guilt by the left, further destabilizing the administration and opening up new vulnerabilities for America’s enemies.  On the other hand, Mueller has access to Trump’s personal tax returns, something that the liberal media has been after for years.  Should these leak, (as everything in Washington seems to this year), the mainstream media will also be able to delegitimize the President and create an opportunity for America’s enemies to exploit our nation’s turmoil.


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