Loretta Lynch

Loretta Lynch Will Get Her Time in The Hot Seat Over 2016 Election Actions

The wheels of justice often turn much slower than we would care for, but they always do arrive at their destination, regardless of the path taken.

In the case of the egregious behavior of the democratic party during their monstrous failure in 2016’s presidential election, we are just now getting down to the nitty-gritty details of their sins.  The obvious lies and collusion of Hillary Clinton have long been exposed, and certainly contributed to her stunning and embarrassing loss, but the auxiliary characters and two-bit crooks on the outskirts of her organization are just now coming into focus.

James Comey, the disgraced and ineffective FBI director during the election has been relieved of duty due to his inability to properly handle the bureau’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal and immoral private email server.  This, of course, initiated a ridiculous witch hunt by the left in which they propagated the cockamamy theory that Comey was fired due to his investigation of President Trump’s collusion with Russia – an assertion that Comey himself vehemently denied during sworn testimony.

Now, another piece of the progressive puzzle will have her day in front of congress.

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“The Senate Judiciary Committee has opened a probe into former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s efforts to shape the FBI’s investigation into 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, the committee’s chairman announced Friday.

“In a letter to Ms. Lynch, the committee asks her to detail the depths of her involvement in the FBI’s investigation, including whether she ever assured Clinton confidantes that the probe wouldn’t ‘push too deeply into the matter.’

“Fired FBI Director James B. Comey has said publicly that Ms. Lynch tried to shape the way he talked about the investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s emails, and he also hinted at other behavior “which I cannot talk about yet” that made him worried about Ms. Lynch’s ability to make impartial decisions.”

Lynch, as many conservatives will recall, was involved in a suspicious meeting with Bill Clinton on a tarmac in June of 2016.

While the contents of that meeting are technically unknown, with an unbelievable official story claiming that the two chit-chatted about their grandkids, the truth of the matter has been plain to see for some time.  Given Lynch’s position within the Department of Justice, and the ongoing concerns over Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server hampering her presidential run, the running assumption is that Bill and Loretta had a less than friendly sit down about just how the DOJ would be able to ignore the democratic candidate’s crimes as to not interfere with her chances at the White House.

Perhaps now, one year removed from the obvious collusion, we will finally be forced to hear Loretta Lynch admit to her bias and wrongdoing.



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