Loretta Lynch Just Met Privately with Bill Clinton: Is “The Fix” In?

If you think the meeting of Bill Clinton with Attorney General Loretta Lynch was an accident, you are ignoring the Clinton history.  Everything they do is calculated.  They believe the FBI has a “slam dunk” case of Hillary’s illicit behavior to cover the multi-million Dollar shakedowns of the despots and elected skunks Hillary was dealing with as Secretary of State.  Loretta will make the decision to indict or not.  Hillary’s campaign and freedom is in her hands.  There is no way Bill could call on her.  She would have to refuse to see him and all other means of communication are out.  She should have refused to see him and should be fired for letting it happen.  Instead, Bill Clinton was waiting for Mrs. Lynch when she landed in Phoenix.

Mrs. Lynch met privately with Bill Clinton at the private plane airport in Phoenix Arizona June 28, 2016 and told reporters they did not discuss the investigation into his wife’s email use as Secretary of State.  Mrs. Lynch said the Clinton meeting was unplanned. Mr. Clinton was preparing to fly out of the Phoenix airport when Ms. Lynch’s plane landed there. Clinton then walked over to the attorney general’s plane to speak to Mrs. Lynch and her husband.  He knew she was coming and he was waiting.

Mrs. Lynch claims, “Our conversation was a great deal about his grandchildren. It was primarily social and about our travels,” Ms. Lynch told reporters in Phoenix on Tuesday. “We talked about former Attorney General Janet Reno, for example, whom we both know, but there was no discussion of any matter pending for the department or any matter pending for any other body. There was no discussion of Benghazi, no discussion of the State Department emails, by way of example.”

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Mrs. Lynch said they discussed the UK “Brexit” vote to leave the EU, which would be a safe topic of discussion, but not the email investigation.  Where she and Bill Clinton are both lawyers they know well their meeting was a violation of the codes of ethics for their professions.  It was also illegal for him to “lobby” a Federal official deciding an action affecting his spouse.

An aide to Bill Clinton claimed no topics were discussed beyond what was described by Ms. Lynch.  A spokesman for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign did not respond to a request for comment. Nonetheless, every legal authority on either side of the issue has concluded an indictment is very likely if not inevitable.

Given the ways the Clintons have been seen doing things we find it highly likely Bill Clinton was lying in wait as he could have easily found Mrs. Lynch was to be in Phoenix on a date certain, time and place.  The idea that he flew to a 108° Fahrenheit degree Phoenix to play a round of golf is just laughable.  However, this is consistent with the way the Clintons do things.  They always leave a nefarious clue to telegraph they have the power to pull it off and “F you!”  These are people who have no limit of ambition for money and power.  They dream of the day that on arrival thousands will fall to their knees screaming, “We are not worthy!  We are not worthy!”

The day after her meeting with Bill Clinton having made TV news Mrs. Lynch was asked in Los Angeles whether or not the meeting risked the Justice Department’s impartiality in the investigation, Mrs. Lynch replied the email probe is “being handled by career investigators and career agents who always follow the facts and the law.”  This is a particularly lawyerly response as whether or not that is the case is not the issue.  The issue is that Mrs. Lynch is the person who will make the decision and she carefully avoided saying, “…and that includes me.”

While Mrs. Lynch makes the decision she is subject to pressure and direction from the President. He can fire her without provocation. As we have previously postulated, should he want to seek a third term and ISIS is killing hundreds of Americans every week he could well “drop the hammer” on Hillary, declare a national emergency, call out the National Guard, with the aid of the Governors who control them, cancel the election and extend his term, “To save America from Donald Trump.  This is most likely to happen in October after the DNC has dumped thousands of hours of TV spots painting “The Donald” with colors of “The Monster!”

While Bill Clinton’s move could have involved collaboration between Bill and Barack, it would not be necessary as the Clintons could obtain a daily update on Mrs. Lynch schedule and plan accordingly.  If Barack were involved the meeting would have been in Washington or New York City as it would be easier to arrange.  This was a Clinton trick from the get-go.

This tells us the Clintons are seriously concerned about the email matter and Barack Obama is keeping his options open.  In any case the fix is in.


Adrian Vance

Adrian Vance is a writer and producer of educational films, filmstrips and audio programs with over 325 productions from script to screen. See a partial list of my credits at http://worldcat.org . And, have written for ten national magazines, been on the masthead of two as an Editor, done a dozen books and am an FCC licensed broadcaster with ten years of on-air experience in radio and television. See my blog, "The Two Minute Conservative" at http://adrianvance.blogspot.com where you will find over 3200 daily pieces, enough material to produce 25 novel length books.

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