Loose Toddler Aisle 3

When I was about 5 years old my father sent me into a store to pay for gas. There was a quarter burning a hole in my pocket and I decided the candy aisle had turned up the heat. Apparently, I was once again “piddling,” and my father, in a valiant attempt to teach me a lesson, left me there.

Now before you lose your ever loving mind this was in 1978 before Amber Alerts and the universal knowledge of rampant pedophiles inspired the “baby leash” and helicopter parenting. Also, this was a store where we were well known and I was later to find out my father had conspired with the cashier weeks before in teaching me this well learned lesson. He picked me up 10 minutes later.

I told you that story to tell you about Chiengkham “Cindy” Vilaysane. She is a 31 year old woman who left her 2 year old at a grocery store in Riverside, California. You can read the entire story here.

Now abandoning your baby at a grocery store is stupid, make no mistake. However, in this story the mother is not close to the most idiotic person. You see Cindy is no stranger to law enforcement. She has had run-ins with them on both alcohol and drug related charges. She was also once upon a time put on a 72 hour psychiatric hold. Apparently, she was also recently kicked out of her family home.

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WHO in their right minds thinks that this piece of work is motherhood material? Where is the toddler’s  father? For that matter, where is the 31 year old’s father? Where are the judges, cops, social workers and multitudes of those who are suppose to protect children? Where are the nosey neighbors? There are now people lining up to adopt the little girl. While that is all well and good how about we start caring before it gets to the point of a child being abandoned in a grocery store.

How about we ALL start loving our neighbors as ourselves; especially if they are innocent kids being raised by psycho nuts who leave their kids BUT don’t forget the Charmin? How about we start caring before yet another child dies in a hot car because somebody is too busy to remember they have a kid BUT would miss their cell phone two steps from the car?

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