Looming Government Shutdown Starting To Look More Like A Meltdown

Every few years in the United States, we are treated to a round of talk about a possible government shutdown that is almost immediately politicized.

Of course, to itself running, the government needs to vote on an operating budget.  Simply put, with no fiscal plan in place, there’s no money to keep the wheels spinning.  Even the most pathetic of checkbook balancers can understand the concept.

The problem with government shutdowns, however, if that they are often help ransom by one political party or another while legislators furiously work to attach some pet projects to the ordeal.  This has become commonplace in modern politics, with a media war often ensuing simultaneously in which both sides of the aisle attempt to blame the other for the entire predicament.

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Sure, the idea of a government shutdown sounds pretty intense, but, in reality, we’ve seen a great number of these circuses before, and we will see dozens more before we pass on.

What’s different this time is Donald Trump, businessman-turned-President, roosting at the helm of the ship.  Today, our CEO-in-Chief made his presence known in the government shutdown case.

“Injecting confusion into already perilous shutdown negotiations, President Donald Trump undercut his own administration’s stance by tweeting Thursday that a children’s health insurance program should not be part of a short-term budget agreement.

“The president’s tweet came as Republicans and Democrats were scrambling to avert the shutdown, which could come at midnight Friday. The administration had previously expressed support for GOP-drafted legislation that includes money for the popular children’s program for six years, a tactic aimed at winning some Democratic support for the bill.

“The House was to vote later Thursday.

“After Trump tweeted, aides from both parties expressed bafflement at exactly what he meant and why he took his position. It was the latest instance that has raised doubts in Washington about the president’s unpredictable approach to legislation, policy and political decisions.

“The White House did not immediately respond to questions about the tweet, which said simply: ‘CHIP should be part of a long term solution, not a 30 Day, or short term, extension!’”

The left is already attempting to spin this tale into an unfortunate faux pas on the President’s part, but they’ve not yet had satisfactory foresight to make believable predictions.

Trump is, very simply put, a wildcard.  His unconventional means aren’t something you see everyday at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but they are working, as evidenced by the  continued booming of our economy.  Perhaps the mainstream media could learn a thing or two about patience from today, with Trump’s master plan not yet in sight for this battle.

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