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Looking for the Crime of Russia Collusion? Then Investigate John McCain

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Arizona Senator John McCain was a vitriolic, petty man who’s only real legislative accomplishment — McCain-Feingold — has been gutted as mostly illegal by the courts.

But if you want to track down examples of “collusion” with Russians, look no farther than Arizona’s senior Senator, John McCain.

The liberal media has been going wild about the supposed “meeting” that candidate Donald Trump maybe, could have been, *might* have taken with Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, a Russian businessman with ties to Russian strongman Vladimir Putin.

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This, the media insists “proves” that Russian interfered in our election was egregious. Many have even claimed such a meeting *might* even be “illegal.”

This meeting that was planned with Trump’s son, the left exclaims, is a crime that needs the ultimate punishment.

All of these “mights” and “maybes” exist because Donald Trump himself never actually took the meeting with Oleg Deripaska. So, in fact, the liberal media does not really have any proof of anything.

But if merely taking a meeting with Oleg Deripaska is such a crime, why hasn’t the same media that is out to destroy Donald Trump also smeared their beloved Senator McCain over the same “crime”? After all, McCain actually did take the meeting with Oleg Deripaska and he even did so after our intelligence services warned him not to.

Recently Rush Limbaugh found himself flabbergasted that the same media attacking Trump over meetings with Deripaska gave McCain a complete pass for the same thing.

Indeed, the meeting was well documented back in 2008 by the Washington Post. So, it isn’t like the news is unknown.

As Rush noted:

“A top political adviser in Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign helped arrange an introduction in 2006 between McCain and a Russian billionaire whose suspected links to anti-democratic and organized-crime figures are so controversial that the U.S. government revoked his visa.

“Rick Davis, who is now McCain’s campaign manager –” remember this is 2008 — Rick Davis, who, by the way, is the Davis in Manafort Davis LLC, not to be confused with Rick Gates. This is Rick Davis of Manafort Davis, McCain’s campaign manager.

Washington Post: “Rick Davis, who is now McCain’s campaign manager, helped set up the encounter between McCain and Russian aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska.” Does the name sound familiar? Deripaska was involved in the so-called Trump Tower meeting with Trump Jr. “Rick Davis, McCain’s campaign manager –” who is also his campaign manager in 2000 and 2008. “– set up the encounter between McCain and Russian aluminum oligarch Oleg Deripaska in Switzerland during an international economic conference. At the time, Davis was working for a lobbying firm,” Davis Manafort.

This is Deripaska. You’ve heard his name mentioned in relation to the Trump Tower meeting that Don Jr. had with Russians. Rick Davis, McCain’s campaign manager, also in 2000, “Rick Davis, campaign manager for McCain, helped set up the encounter between McCain and Russian aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska in Switzerland during an international economic conference. At the time, Davis,” McCain’s campaign manager, “was working for a lobbying firm [Davis Manafort] and seeking to do business with the billionaire.

“Deripaska was grateful for the introduction, writing a thank-you note to Davis and his partner [Paul Manafort] and offering to assist them in a subsequent business deal, according to a copy of the note obtained by The Washington Post. With a net worth of more than $13 billion, Deripaska is one of the richest men in Russia and a close ally of President Vladimir Putin.”

Notice what we have here? We have a Manfort associate setting up a meeting with a Russian spy for an upcoming presidential candidate. Then we have that candidate — John McCain — actually taking that meeting.

Now, what McCain did here is exactly what the liberal media condemns Trump for today — except that Trump never really met with the Russian oligarch!

Indeed, what McCain did is worse than Trump because not only did he get warnings from the FBI and CIA not to take the meeting, he did it anyway. Meanwhile, no agencies warned Trump yet Trump did NOT take the meeting.

Still,  even as the left-wing media continues to bellow and attack Trump for this non-meeting, the same media ignored McCain actually taking that meeting.

This all proves one thing definitively. The media does not care one whit about Russian collusion. All they care about is destroying Donald Trump.

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