Guess What Wendy’s is Doing to Survive The Latest Minimum Wage Hike

There has been a movement that has swept across many states in the last year. As I have reported, there are some who think that all people should make $15 an hour or more. They think that forcing all companies to pay this as their minimum wage would raise people out of poverty.

Some have reported that the most likely outcome would be devastating to these lower wage earners. The most likely outcome would be a loss of job and higher product cost. And we are now seeing this prediction come true.

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Breitbart reports

Wendy’s fast food restaurant chain says it will begin offering self-serve kiosks at its 6,000-plus locations across America, making them available to costumers by the end of 2016.

The fast food giant’s decision to move toward automation comes just as “Fight for $15″–a progressive protest movement, pushing minimum wage hikes–is applying pressure on state governments to raise wages for low-skilled fast food workers.

What this means is the slashing of thousands of jobs. Jobs once occupied by high school kids and young people in college. People without training, education, or opportunity have just had one more opportunity stripped from them. These people, rather than finding themselves in a better situation, are now placed in a harder one.

And this points up a very clear picture. Those who think that they can cheat the system will only make things worse. Rather than help the poor, they have hurt them. Rather than lifting the bottom to raise all of the society, they have taken an already lower class and shoved it even lower. It seems that the Liberals hate the lower-class.

Their policies are packaged as a gift for the poor but are flawed in their design. Instead of making the poor richer or better off, it works the opposite result. And this is true because they only seek to use the poor to step upon on their way to power.

Unfortunately, no one could be so bad an economist as to think that this foolish move would work. It has to be intentional. But, they will likely once again point the finger at the business owner.

And the poor will believe this lie.

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