Students Put Up Posters on Campus Targeting Christians. Where is the Outrage?

Recently there have been posters popping up all over select university campuses. The posters call out a certain group of people. They target and degrade a single group of students on campus. And of course, since that group is Christians, there is no outrage.

Breitbart reports

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A growing university poster campaign is asking Christian students to check their privilege. Although the campaign originated out of the University of San Francisco, the message has now created backlash with students across the country after the posters went viral on social media networks like Tumblr and Facebook.

This is a scary trend, considering most of the people writing the posters come from rich, privileged homes. Most likely none of the producers of these posters are from poor or even lower class families. And almost without exception, none are paying their way through school.

But worse than that is the fact that the people behind these posters ignore the biggest problem with their message. The problem is that they completely ignore the struggle that a Christian faces on these campuses.

Breitbart continues

Not only have faculty been accused of treating Christians unfairly, but university administrators have allegedly engaged in discriminatory practices as well. In 2015, National Review columnist David French detailed his experience with the university practice of “ideological cleansing,” which he claimed almost cost a Christian applicant a spot on the faculty at Cornell Law School: “the committee almost rejected an extraordinarily qualified applicant because of his obvious Christian faith (he’d attended a Christian college, a conservative seminary, and worked for religious conservative causes). In writing, committee members questioned whether they wanted his “Bible-thumping” or “God-squadding” on campus.”

And all the while, we have the same problem with the Christian that we have with the LGBT community; none was born in this class. I am not a Christian from birth no more than a transgender is transgender from birth.

And if they do not like me having privilege that they wish they had, then I have a solution. Convert or move to a Muslim country. Then they can write a poster about Muslim privilege.

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