SICKENING: UC Berkley Is Adding Murder to It’s List of On-Campus Services

When people send their children to college, there are certain things that they expect that the school will make available to their child. There should be access to housing. There should be access food, such as a cafeteria or restaurant. What about an abortion?

The student government at UC Berkley thinks that should be one of the things that the school makes available.

The Washington Times reports

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The student government at the University of California-Berkeley last week passed a resolution calling for the implementation of an abortion clinic on campus.
Senate Resolution 69 urges the campus’s University Health Services to “implement medical abortion services” at the school’s health center.

The first question all American’s should be asking is why. Why should the school make this service available? What about this service is so crucial that there is no way that the student body would have to have access on campus to abortions?

Are there that many students at UC Berkeley that are too stupid to figure out basic contraception? Surely a condom is not that difficult. Surely, even if we give up the concept of abstention, you can take a pill once a day.

But, this is being pushed as a relief of hardship on the student body.

The Times continues

“When medication abortion is not available at UHS, students who are seeking an abortion face financial, time, and travel constraint burdens that create negative impacts on academic performance and mental health,” the bill reads. “UHS is a health center dedicated to meeting the health needs of students in order for students to be able to upkeep their academic well-being.”
“Abortion is a common health-care service and access to abortion is necessary and relevant in student life,” it continues.

But, if this is the case, why not just make a contraception class a prerequisite? Or teach a class on the dangers of promiscuous sex? Would this not be cheaper and safer?

This probably has escaped these students because they do not pay for anything and have no concept of money either. Those slob tax-payers will foot the bill, no worries.

And there should be little doubt that the university will rush to implement this as soon as they can.

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