Migrant Crisis Escalates As This Country Considers Putting Tanks On Their Border

We see the shutting down of Europe. Once a collection of states looking very similar to the United States, now Europe is returning to the days when the borders are guarded by armed men. The reason for the change can be laid squarely at the feet of the migrants.

As I reported, the great influx of Muslim Migrants traveling from Italy to Austria had caused a change in Austrian policy. This change had caused protests and clashes at the border. Now there is another change coming.

Breitbart reports

Switzerland has announced it is considering stationing a tank battalion at its southern border with Italy, after news that Austria is ready to shut completely down the Brenner Pass between Italy and Austria.
In a matter of just hours, Europe’s migrant crisis has escalated following the unexpected announcement Wednesday night by Austria’s Defense Minister Hans Peter Doskozil that his country is prepared to close its border if Italy does not get its migrant problem under control.

The idea of deploying tanks on their border should give rise to concern.  This means that the Swiss are very serious about stopping the migrants from moving through their territory. It is also a wonder what this will do to Italy. What will they do with all those projected to enter their borders this year?

Breitbart reports

During the first part of this year, Italy has taken in 50 percent more refugees than during the same period in 2015, and the Italian government is forecasting the total number of migrants this year to be double that of last year. “This will not be without consequences for Switzerland,” said Gobbi.

It does not seem that they will be sending them North, at least not through Austria or Switzerland.

Breitbart reports

After Italy sharply criticized the Austrian plan, Switzerland has declared it is considering posting tanks to secure its own border with Italy. “We expect a significant increase in the number of refugees this summer. If Austria now closes off the Brenner Pass, Switzerland will become the only gateway to Northern Europe. Before that, we have to protect ourselves,” said Norman Gobbi, the security director of the Swiss Canton of Ticino.

So much for a welcoming Europe. Maybe they will get through this crisis after all.

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