Look Who is Taking Part in the Push for Mosul

It is never so clear cut in war as it is in the movies. There are no black and white hats that participants wear. So, we should not be surprised that in our war on terror we are sometimes forced to work with such bad people. But, there should be a line as to who we are working with. We should not be working with those who hate us as much as ISIS does.

This seems to be the case as the assault against Mosul in Iraq begins in earnest. Groups that have been supported by our enemy and dedicated to our downfall should be excluded from the list of those fighting alongside our coalition. But, this administration does not draw such a hard line.

Breitbart reports

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A Reuters report has confirmed that Shiite militias closely aligned with the Iranian government and the terror group Hezbollah are actively participating in the liberation of Mosul, Iraq, from the Islamic State, following repeated denials from the Pentagon.

The Shiite Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) have begun moving closer to Mosul, the capital of the Islamic State in Iraq and the nation’s second-largest city. The Islamic State captured the city in 2014, and the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced an operation to liberate the city earlier this month. The Iraqi army has agreed to cooperate with Kurdish Peshmerga forces and the U.S. government in the endeavor.

These groups have been opposed to us and our allies. They are trained and paid by our enemy, Iran. And have committed atrocities against the Sunni citizens they were supposed to be helping.

Once again, the president has turned a blind eye to those he has helped to take our place in this region.

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