Look At What Norway is Doing to Get Migrants to Leave

We have all heard the sad stories of why the migrants have flooded Europe over the last several years. They are from war-torn areas. They are being persecuted. They have no place to work and no way to provide for their families. But, this is proving not to be the case with some if not most of the migrants.

If these things were real, would we see as many trying now to take the money offered them? What would happen if a person who was running from persecution returned home? Would they not continue to face the same persecution? What about those escaping the horror of war? Have the many wars in the Middle East ended? These are some of the questions that should be asked those taking the bribe to leave Norway.

Breitbart reports

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The Norwegian immigration office is giving hundreds of ‘asylum seekers’ a bonus 10,000 kroner (£822) to leave the country voluntarily – on top of the thousands already offered in expenses.
The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (Utlendingsdirektoratet –UDI) has announced they will pay the bribe to the first 500 migrants that agree to return to their home nation without a fight.

The Norwegians then are giving these invaders roughly $1200.00 to leave. This might seem a high price to pay to get them to leave, but is it really?

Breitbart continues

Ms. Listhaug argued that the initiative could save money overall, which might well be true. Housing, educating and accommodating migrants is a huge burden. They also feature disproportionally in crime statistics.

So, though it would cost Norway over $9300.00 to have a family of four return to their home country, it would be cheaper on the country than if they stayed. And this kind of option should not be strange if we know our history.

The Romans paid the Huns and others to leave without sacking their capital. In the interest of the people, sometimes it is better to pay than be overrun. Especially if they stay, Norway will have to pay to deport them at any rate.

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