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This is the Latest Strategy Atheists Are Using to Indoctrinate Your Children

There are those in the American “Intellectual” community that feel as though there is a very dangerous myth being told to our children. That myth is that an unmade being created everything that we see and do not see. That, we humans and, in fact, all animals are for the most part the same as they were when they first appeared. And though this myth should make the children obedient and hardworking, they feel this myth must be destroyed.

There have been many ways that these and others have attempted to accomplish this destruction. They have to band this myth as a possible origin of our universe. This unmade Being cannot be named or promoted in the schools. And either media ridicule or speak of something besides God being the creator. But, despite all these efforts, they have failed to erase the God of the Bible from American minds.

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Now, there is one atheist who is seeking to get those minds earlier.  Through a children’s book.  Jonathan Tweet has produced a forty page children’s book called, “Grandmother Fish: a Child’s First Book of Evolution.

The sad thing is that this book will likely end up in most federally funded preschools. The fact that Tweet makes no attempt to hide his agenda is what is most disturbing. He wants to teach your children that their parents are fools. You and I are clinging to this ancient and debunked belief that there is a creator.

But instead of dealing with adults who have the capacity to see through his brainwashing, Tweet wishes to blind the eyes of children yet unpracticed in the art of reason.

But is Tweet not doing the same thing that evolutionist have accused the Christian of for years? Is he not indoctrinating the innocent? Is this not just a cheap form of brainwashing? Nothing in this book deals with the scientific and philosophical problems that make evolution untenable.

Where does personality come from? What makes you, you? Where is proof that nonlife has or can produce life?  What about the fact that it is mathematically impossible for evolution to have occurred?

This book is in the perfect genre for evolution. It is in the place that all books on evolution should be; Preschool Fiction.

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