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Look Who Is Finally Saying “Enough” to the Syrian Refugees

For months now, we have wondered how long it would take for the E.U. to have their fill of migrants. Many smaller, less influential countries have been fed up with the cost and burden that these migrants have brought.

Hungary has long been outspoken and has built a wall to keep the asylum seekers from marching across their lands to reach Germany and Sweden. And even though Germany seemed to have no end of room for the migrant, there is finally the call for change.

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The Washington Post reports

The European Union and the Turkish government reached accord Friday on how to contain Europe’s largest migrant crisis since World War II, agreeing to a deal that turns Turkey into the region’s refugee camp and leaves untold thousands stranded in a country with a deteriorating record on human rights.

After a day and half of wrangling, European leaders and Turkey hashed out the specifics of a broad agreement announced last week that was the brainchild of the Turks and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Under the deal, which goes into effect Sunday, virtually all migrants who attempt to enter Europe via the Aegean Sea — including Syrians fleeing war — will be sent back to Turkey.

This will effectively shut the door to all legal migration for all groups, but those of Syria and only a few of them will be allowed into the EU. Any Syrians caught entering illegally will be permanently barred from legal access.

Turkey will profit from this in two ways. First, they will receive money. They will gain $6.6 billion. This will help provide for the cost of over 3 million refugees and more to come. But there is something even more important to the Turks. The Turks will have the benefit of sped up talks for entry into the EU.

This could mean that the Syrians are going from one divided country to another.

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