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The Church of Scotland Just Caved to the LGBT Agenda

It is sad when we see the denominations and churches connected to the faithful heroes of Christianity turn their back on both Scripture and common sense. For many, these old institutions have no problem with claiming the name of Christ, and yet they are turning their back on what He has said.

Once again, we see just that happening in the Church of Scotland. The old guard of truth and principle Church of Reformation in the British Isles is now following the state rather than Christ.

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Christian News reports

The Church of Scotland, while stating that it “maintains its traditional view of marriage between a man and woman,” has voted to allow the appointment of clergy who are in same-sex “marriages.”

The 339-215 vote in Edinburgh allows individual congregations who disagree with the denomination’s stance on marriage to opt-out and select leaders who have “wed” their homosexual partners. The Assembly had been attended by 850 commissioners throughout Scotland, Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States.

What this means is that the Kirk has taken a very strange stance. They say that they do not recognize the sodomite union as lawful or marriage, but they will accept people living in such a situation in their leadership.

One would have to ask how they could come to such an illogical conclusion?

Christian News continued

“[F]or many people, what today was about was simply tidying up and making the law of the church consistent with Scots law,” Chalmers explained. “Today I think people came to this decision with their minds on law and practice and not on theology and future practice.”

This clearly points to the problem. There is no way that a church can make its decisions over what is lawful by looking to the state. At least not if they wish to remain a church. This would mean that the Kirk has left the body.

How can you vote that your minister can be in a situation that he cannot bring others into? It is nothing more than compromise and calling evil good and good evil.

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