Look What This Chaplain Did After They Removed a Bible From Missing Man Display

For many, the natural response is to give in once legally opposed. We figure that we are required to submit to any order given by a cop, judge, or politician. This is the product of conditioning.

One has been told by parents and teachers that they are to respect and listen to those in authority. In most instances this is correct. But there comes a time when we must recognize authority as illegitimate. When we are called upon by any to sin, we must resist.

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This is particularly the case if the reason we are being told is that of a legal bully.

Christian News reports

[T]he Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) wrote to officials at the Wright-Patterson Air Force base after the organization allegedly received more than 30 complaints about the Bible’s inclusion in the display. MRFF claims that 10 of those who complained identified as Christian.

In response, the base removed the Bible from the display. It cited the Air Forces’ dedication to inclusion. But, for one chaplain this could not be allowed to stand. His solution was to distribute the Bible to thousands.

Christian News continues

On June 4, Hernandez led a Bible distribution to airmen and civilians, which he outlined in a blog post entitled “Dear Military Religious Freedom Foundation: Remove One Bible, Thousands Will Take Its Place.”

And He has called out the founder of the atheist group.

“Mr. Weinstein does not contend with anyone who distributes material that references Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, leprechauns or fairies. Why? It is because none of them exist! Weinstein always contends with references of God because he knows God exists,” he wrote.

“Mr. Weinstein does not reject the truth of the Bible because it contradicts itself; instead, he rejects the Bible because it contradicts him, which is why he always tries to suppress the truth because he loves his sin,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez has challenged Weinstein to a debate, but he has not answered. The reason most likely resides in the fact that Weinstein knows he has no Constitutional leg on which to stand.

May God raise up thousands of men and women like Chaplain Sonny Hernandez.

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