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Longtime Moderate Senator says President Trump “Doesn’t have a Racist Bone in his Body”

“I know Donald Trump, I don’t think there’s a racist bone in his body. In fact, there’s the other type of bone, trying to get everybody to work together and to be fair to each other. He didn’t come this far without that kind of an attitude. I’m starting to resent some of the media who are trying to pull him down in the process. Could he have handled it better? Yea, he could have. So could I, so could anybody. It’s a tough job being President of the United States… and sometimes you wish you could have said it better.”

— Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT)

Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) may be the man who is most dissimilar to President Trump currently serving in Congress, but that doesn’t mean Hatch is anti-Trump.

In a recent interview with Salt Lake City’s KUTV that was recorded by the Salt Lake Tribune, Hatch effusively praises President Trump as a “good man” who loves this country and loves his job.

“He’s a very warm person, very smart, and very tough if he disagrees with you. He’s a successful man who has become president of the United States, doesn’t need the pain and the problems that come with that job, but loves it and wants to do the best job he possibly can.”

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Hatch also uncharacteristically offers criticism of the mainstream media, arguing that they seem to be going out of their way to ascribe evil motives to the President. In fact, while Hatch doesn’t begrudge the media their ability to act as a watchdog for the White House he does believe that it doesn’t matter what the President says, the media will criticize him for it.

“He has no friends in the national media — I don’t think, at all… I don’t think anything he said would have been accepted by the mainstream media.”

In particular, Hatch cannot stand the idea that some in the media, and many on the left, are trying to pretend that the President is a racist.

“To ascribe racism to the president, which some people are trying to do, is not only hitting below the belt, it’s vicious stuff. He’s done a lot to try and help quell racism in this country.”

Hatch added that while the President’s responses over the last few days have been imperfect, he’s said and done exactly what the media says they they wanted him to say and do.

He has spoken out against racism. He has denounced the alt-right, the white nationalists, and the white supremacists. He has attacked their hatred, he has decried their bigotry, and the President has even said that there is no place for such hatred in our nation.

Now the media attacks him for daring to point out that there is hatred, bigotry, and violence being displayed on both sides. The media argues that the President is equivocating and arguing that the two sides bear equal responsibility for the violence in Charlottesville. However, the President has never said any such thing.

The murder of a protester by a white supremacist is worse than the chanting, and cursing of the leftist Antifa thugs. But the leftists have indeed been promoting and encouraging violence (by both sides) all across the country – from Portland, to Berkeley, to St. Paul, to Baltimore, to Chicago, to Seattle, to St. Louis, to Charlottesville and Durham. It’s a fact. It’s not equivocating. It’s pointing to truth… but as Hatch points out, the Left and some in the media don’t care about truth.

They only care about undermining President Trump.


“There are those who would love to undermine him any way they possibly can, and if they can distort what he says and distort what he means, even though they know it’s otherwise, they’re going to do it.”

For once, I completely agree with Senator Hatch.


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