Lone Conservative Destroys NBC Panel on Russia-Trump Collusion

The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel is brilliant, and if you haven’t yet read her work, do yourself a favor and read some of it now. However, her writing is not why we’re talking about her today. No, today we’re talking about Strassel because she just went into the lion’s den and came back out carrying the lion’s head on a pike.

It all happened on Sunday’s episode of NBC’s Meet the Press when Strassel was asked to be the only conservative guest on a panel that would discuss the ongoing Russia-Trump collusion story (as if there was an actual story to speak of). Strassel was obviously the most well-prepared and the most knowledgable on the subject, but that didn’t mean that some silly liberal wasn’t going to try to take her down a peg or two. Fortunately, Strassel held her own and made the attacking liberal (MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid) look like the silly liberal, suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome” that Reid is.

The conversation was kicked off as the panel discussed a news item from this past week that claimed the President’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, had attempted to establish a back channel of communication with the Russian government. The story has been proven ridiculous, on many fronts, but the liberal media continues to parrot the concerns of the Democrats as if they actually mattered and weren’t simply political propaganda repacked as national concern. Into this conversation steps Strassel with facts, truth, history, and logical thought… a combination that continues to frustrate the Democrat Party and their sycophantic media.

“I think we are having a discussion that is absolutely divorced from reality this week. It is astonishing. Let me set the scene for you: It’s 2008, we are having an election and candidate Obama, he’s not even president elect, sends William Miller over to Iran to establish a backchannel, and let the Iranians know should he win the election they will have friendlier terms. Okay? So this is a private citizen going to foreign soil, obviously in order to evade U.S. intelligence monitoring and establishing a backchannel with a sworn enemy of the United States who was actively disrupting our efforts in the military in the Middle East.

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So, is that bad judgment? Is that a bad thing that happened? Backchannels are completely normal, they happen all the time. Reagan did them, Obama did them, everyone did. So, I am not quite sure why, supposedly having at least the President is now elected setting up a backchannel with the Russians, it is somehow out of bounds.”

Ouch. At this point, you could feel the tension on the set as every other panelist understood the gravity of what had just occurred. If Jared Kushner’s conversations with the Russians was wrong, then Obama’s backchannel attempts with the Iranians was even worse. Of course, no one care back then because creating new lines of communication between our country and other nations (even our enemies) is what the government is supposed to do! In a few short seconds, Strassel has completely unmasked the Democrat talking points on Kushner and Russia… but that didn’t mean Joy Reid wasn’t going to try to fight back.

Reid and the panel’s other unhinged anti-Trump liberal, Charlie Sykes, tried to fight back with innuendo and baseless accusations of wrongdoing. Again, Strassel stood her ground and reminded the panelists that there was still no evidence of any wrongdoing and most of the anonymous complaints about the Trump team were coming from criminals inside the intelligence agencies who were still loyal to President Obama. When Reid pushed back acting as if it was ridiculous to question our intelligence agencies motives, Strassel went in for the kill and using facts (again) proved that the intelligence community could not be trusted.

“One of the most interesting pieces of news that actually came out this week, was the FISA court revelation that they said that the Obama administration had been actively engaged in abusing fourth amendment protections by unmasking people’s identities on a routine basis, which they did not acknowledge to the court. And which they said, brought up major, major concerns. So maybe you wouldn’t trust that team in fact.

It was magnificent, and Strassel should be lauded for using truth, logic, and reality to combat the fantasy and fiction from the Democrat rumormongers.

Watch the whole exchange here:


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