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London Carnival Goers Fall Victim to Acid Attack as Terror Fears Grow

In a terrifying new development in Europe’s terror conundrum, London revelers were attacked this week by unknown assailants utilizing a common liquid implement of radical Islam.

Most of Europe’s migrant-instigated terror attacks have been conducted using one, or a combination, of three common jihadi tactics:  Suicide explosives, heavy vehicles, and knives, due to Europe’s mostly strict gun control laws.  Now, however, Londoners have been assaulted by yet another weapon commonly used in the Middle East:  Acid.

“A MANHUNT has been launched after an ‘acidic liquid’ was thrown over a crowd at the Notting Hill Carnival.

“A spokesman said: ‘Some of the crowd in the area then quickly dispersed, causing injuries to two people, who have since received treatment from the London Ambulance Service at the scene.’

“‘Three people have also reported skin irritation injuries, although these are not thought to be serious.’

“There have been no arrests, and police are working to identify who was responsible, the force said.

“Video shows panicked crowds fleeing the scene after the incident yesterday at 8pm.”

Terror has not been officially ruled out, but reports from London indicate that the police were focusing on the possibility that this was some form of local gang assault rather than an ISIS operation.

Nevertheless, the tactic of using acid to attack innocent civilians has become extremely prevalent in terror rich locales.  Radical Islamists have long used highly corrosive substances to maim and wound those who display traits that are not fitting with their religious beliefs.  Often times, these victims are women who happen to travel into Muslim-heavy areas while not obeying the ultra strict Sharia laws regarding the display of their bodies and faces.  Islam’s extremists have justified these attacks on the basis that these women should not have been wearing such revealing clothing at the time of their assault, and now, after being permanently disfigured, will no longer desire to dress themselves as such.

This despicable and horrendous treatment of women in the Muslim faith has been a great point of hypocrisy for American leftists who believe that their moral authority should govern the entire world.  While these liberals constantly shame realists for their supposed “Islamophobia”, they willfully ignore the horrendous conditions that women in the Muslim faith must endure.

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