Lockdown Lifted After Terrifying Incident at British Base Used by U.S.

Amid increased threats from the verminous scum of ISIS, a scary incident in Britain has American troops on high alert.

The bizarre incident in question occurred at a Royal Air Force Base currently being utilized by American servicemen and women near Suffolk, England.  

“A lockdown at RAF Mildenhall, a Royal Air Force base near Suffolk, England, that is used by U.S. troops, has been lifted after a security incident.

“Air Force spokeswoman Capt. Hope Cronin said the single suspect has been apprehended and the security incident is contained.

“The Suffolk police department said on its official Twitter feed that U.S. troops opened fire, and the suspect was detained with cuts and bruises. No one else was injured, Suffolk police said.”

At this time, no additional information has been made public regarding the incident, including the name of the suspect or any allusion to a possible motive.

Over the course of the last few weeks, terror outfit ISIS has been steadily increasing the amount of vitriolic threats that are being disseminated around the globe.  In their push for increased violence during the Christmas season, the caliphate group has specifically targeted The Vatican, reaffirming their commitment to the eradication of the Christian religion.

The other target of their rage in these recent pieces of propaganda has been the United States, as is custom with radical Islam due to the American ethos religious freedom.  In their latest calls for violence, ISIS has specifically targeted Times Square in New York City and the concept of Santa Claus, sending an eerie message to the American people.  It is unknown as to whether or not this incident in England is somehow related to the radical Islamic group’s targeting of U.S. interests, but it certainly would not be a surprising development.

Just last week a self-proclaimed ISIS operative attempted to detonate a suicide bomb within the mass transit system of New York City, failing to cause any casualties or serious injuries.  While the young man claimed his allegiance to ISIS, the terror group released a statement disowning the attack…a rarity for the organization who often claims incidents in which they had no involvement.

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