Local “IT” Movie Stunt Has Police in Pennsylvania Petrified

In the last few years, a number of terrifying incidents involving creepy, killer clowns have rocked the United States.

It has been one of those strange cultural phenomenons that spread far and wide for no discernible reason.  One of the most pervasive incidents of its kind came in a rash of clown sightings in North Carolina, just over a year ago today, when local children relayed a terrifying encounter outside of an apartment complex, near a playground.  In that story, an adult dressed as a clown was spotted lurking in the woods just feet way from the playing children.

This sighting was just one of dozens of incidents that plagued both North Carolina and South Carolina in the weeks following, promoting locals to believe that the events may have been an organized stunt by a troupe of pranksters, or possibly a guerrilla marketing campaign for the release of a new film adaptation of Stephen King’s “It” that is set to open in theaters nationwide in just a few days.

Either way, authorities in areas affected by these sightings took the events seriously, encouraging whomever was behind the terrifying encounters to cease their work immediately.

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Now, a year later, and with the aforementioned horror flick set to hit theaters on Friday, a new wave of creepy clown events are popping up in Pennsylvania, eluding to “It” specifically.

“Police in one small Pennsylvania borough say they were ‘completely terrified’ after someone placed red balloons on grates.

“Police are asking the ‘local prankster’ not to continue placing the balloons on the grates, similar to the movie ‘It’ which comes out on Friday.

“In a post on Facebook, the Lititz Borough Police Department say they know the movie is coming to theaters in a couple days and give the prankster creativity for promoting the movie.”


The movie itself as received quite a bit of praise ahead of its release, with Stephen King himself having admitted to enjoying the film – something that is not always the case with King’s adaptations.

Unfortunately, as we approach Friday’s release, a renewed interest in the creepy clown motif will likely intensify, pushing local police to their limits as these pranksters continue their uncouth and terrifying antics.

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