LISTEN to Tim Kaine’s “I’m a Conservative” Radio Ads. So, Is He?

Thanks to BuzzFeed News Reporter, , Vice Presidential nominee, Sen. Tim Kaine ‘s 2005 campaign radio ads have been uploaded online for everyone to hear. What people may not remember is that in this election he was running for governor of the state of Virginia, and touted himself as  conservative. He claimed to support restrictions on late-term abortion and fiscally conservative policies. Quite an odd match for the woman who stole the nomination from Sen. Bernard Sanders .

Kaine has said:

“I’m conservative on issues of personal responsibility.

“As a former Christian missionary, faith is central to my life. I oppose gay marriage, I support restrictions on abortion — no public funding and parental consent — and I’ve worked to pass a state law banning partial-birth abortion.”

BuzzFeed lists several links to Kaine campaign radio ads.

Here are two:

He’s also said: “I’ll enforce the death penalty as governor and I’m against same-sex marriage. I’m conservative on personal responsibility, character, family and the sanctity of life. These are my values, and that’s what I believe.”

In light of Kaine’s record, he received a ZERO percentage score from Conservative Review. He’s also running with a woman who publicly opposes every single issue Kaine says is important to him and represent his “values” and “what he believes.”

So which Tim Kaine is telling the truth?

The 2005 Kaine? Or the 2016 Kaine?

Or neither?

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