Ted Cruz Answers Sean Hannity About Confusion Over the Delegate Process

[score]Ted Cruz[/score] answers Sean Hannity about the delegates, but he doesn’t do it in a way that will win many people over.

The way Ted Cruz answers Sean Hannity seems to make the talk radio host frustrated. Hannity asked Cruz about the people who don’t understand the delegate process and how he is doing so well. Here’s the exchange from Mediaite:


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Mediaite summarizes the exchange:

Cruz said he doesn’t think most people care about this stuff. Hannity shot back by invoking his millions of followers and saying plenty of people “find this whole process confusing.”

When Cruz dismissively said only Donald Trump‘s people are complaining, Hannity kind of blew up:

“Senator, why do you do this? Every single time––no, you gotta stop! Every time I have you on the air and I ask you a legitimate question, you try to throw this in my face, I’m getting sick of it!”

Cruz testily asked, “Sean, can I answer your last question without being interrupted?”

He explained how the system works and how the “noise and complaining and whining” is only coming from Team Trump. Hannity shot back that people have serious issues and “it’s a simple question, it’s not a Trump question.”

I think Ted Cruz does give a substantial answer to Sean Hannity eventually, though I’m not sure we would have gotten it without Hannity’s insistence.

But I don’t understand why Cruz insists that only Trump supporters care about the mystifying delegate recruitment process. Conservatives who support Cruz may wonder about the way the system works. Many people are finding out stuff they never knew about Primary politics and how un-democratic the entire RNC convention really is. Cruz could have answered the question without being acrimonious toward Sean Hannity or marginalizing everyone who was interested in the question as a Trump supporter.

Trump may not win the nomination, but he has won a great deal of support. I don’t understand why Cruz would go out of his way to insult a voter base that he will need if he is to beat Clinton in November.

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