Listen to John Kasich’s Delusional Response to CNN Reporter [VIDEO]

John Kasich comes across as arrogant, entitled, and delusional. Will it cost him votes?

This video, if you watch it to the end, reveals the arrogance of GOP presidential candidate John Kasich, taking offense from a reporter when asked if he’d be willing to be someone’s vice presidential pick.

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The way Kasich treats the reporter is almost frightening. Surely, there has to be a more diplomatic way to evade the fact that you are plainly losing the race even if you manage to win the state where you are governor.

It is not even certain that Kasich will beat Trump in Ohio. Furthermore, it is more likely that Trump will win Florida at this point and get all those delegates. Even without both states, Trump would still have a path to victory, albeit a more difficult one. And it looks like, by staying in the race, both [score]Marco Rubio[/score] and Kasich are hurting [score]Ted Cruz[/score] from catching up with Trump.

Does Kasich really believe that his message and personality will suddenly attract enough voters for him to win a high number of the delegates that are left? It seems much more likely that the true goal for Kasich is that he stays in the race until the convention. If he is rational, the best Kasich can hope is that, between him, [score]Ted Cruz[/score], and [score]Marco Rubio[/score], Trump is prevented from getting enough delegates to automatically win.

It should be no surprise to anyone that John Kasich speaks very highly of a brokered convention and discounts [score]Ted Cruz[/score]’s prediction that the electorate will hate the Republicans for it.

Defying expectations, Kasich barely beat out [score]Ted Cruz [/score]in Michigan for second place behind Donald Trump. So we get to see an even more arrogant John Kasich boasting as if, after winning zero states, coming in second in Michigan proves he will be the Republican nominee.

[score]Ted Cruz [/score]is obviously right that a brokered convention would be a disaster for the Republican Party. It will be a further disaster if they shove a last place loser like the arrogant John Kasich onto the Republican electorate.

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