Watch How Minimum Wage Activist Responds to Concerns about Job Layoffs [VIDEO]

Naquasia Legrand leads a minimum wage movement known as “Fight for $15,” which pushes for states to adopt – as the name suggests – a $15 minimum wage. Naquasia doesn’t believe there will be any dire consequences for workers under a $15 an hour minimum wage law.

California just passed a law that raised the minimum wage across the state to $15 an hour. The rate increase will go into effect by 2022.

Such a drastic and rapid increase will no doubt have its consequences, including prompting small businesses and franchises to lay off workers, downsize, raise prices, and/or automate services to keep costs down.

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But “Fight for $15” members and their leader Naquasia Legrand don’t foresee any of those problems. They believe that the companies they work for – such as fast food establishments – make billions of dollars and have plenty of money to give their workers raises.

Naquasia Legrand was a guest on “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” and Cavuto pressed her about these consequences. Cavuto pointed out using McDonald’s as an example that at $15 an hour, their Big Mac would rise in price from $3.99 to $5.50, and a Big Mac meal would go from $5.69 to $7.85. He asked her if she thought customers would continue to buy those food items at those prices. She responded that McDonald’s just raised the price of a Big Mac last week, and workers didn’t receive a raise. According to Naquasia, “everything else is going up but our pay” and “we deserve $15 an hour.”

The ever-gracious Neil Cavuto sympathized with Naquasia and others who believe they’re not paid enough for their work. But he cautioned against such a drastic and rapid minimum wage increase, because it would only incentivize companies – such as McDonald’s – to automate their systems and replace human workers with robots. That move would put people like Naquasia out of a job.

But she wasn’t worried about that. “McDonald’s [has] been around a long time. If they didn’t want people in their store, they would have replaced us with robots,” she responded. Neil told her that the industry is already moving in that direction, and a drastic minimum wage hike would only speed up the process. She wasn’t convinced, adding, “And we’re still there.”

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