Lindsey Graham Gets Tough During Combative Town Hall, Says if Obama did Wiretap Trump it’s the “Biggest Political Scandal since Watergate”!

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The senior Senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham (R-SC), may have just faced down his toughest Town Hall in his Senatorial career. During a meeting in Clemson, South Carolina where the audience was crammed full of mostly Democrats (per MSNBC), Graham was forced to get tough and threaten to kick out more than a few unruly citizens.

However, the real big news was that Graham took the time to speak out on the ongoing kerfuffle over whether or not Trump Towers had been wiretapped by the Obama administration. Speaking of President Trump’s assertions that he had been wiretapped by the previous administration, who was now at work to undermine him by insinuating that he was working for the Russian government, Graham argued that IF this was all true it would be the biggest political scandal since Watergate!

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“The president of the United States is claiming is that the former President of the United States ordered the wiretapping of his campaign, last year. I don’t know whether it is true or not but if it is true, illegally, it would be the biggest political scandal since Watergate…

The other side of the story — just be quiet. If the former president of the United States (Obama) was able to obtain a warrant, lawfully, to monitor Trump’s campaign for violating the law that would be the biggest scandal since Watergate.

So here’s the deal. As we get ready to talk to each other I am very worried. I am very worried that our president is suggesting that the former president has done something illegally. I would be very worried if in fact the Obama administration was able to obtain a warrant lawfully about Trump campaign activity with a foreign government. So, it’s my job as a United States Senator to get to the bottom of this. I promise you I will.”

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